Saturday, October 12, 2019

What Are You Thinking About?

What are you thinking about? It really matters.

What Are You Thinking?

What's happening in your world of thought? Are you constantly going from one thing to another in your mind, yet not getting anything done? Are you often overwhelmed? Do you often have mental battles with yourself inside your head? How you ever thought about what it is you're thinking about, and asked yourself if it's possible to analyze, conquer and control how we think? In a great majority of cases, the answer is yes.

Pause and Breathe

Try to pause and quiet yourself down for a moment. Examine your own thinking. Are you thinking about tomorrow, next week, next year unnecessarily? It's common. While thinking and planning for tomorrow or next year is okay, obsessiveness or negative thoughts will keep you full of anxiety. The answer: Plan, yes; but stay in the moment. Stay in the "now". Now is a reality, stay there. It takes practice, but take on the moments as they come. You really cannot predict the future, you can only roll with the unfolding of it. When you do that, it's a much better ride, and you'll have better control of your life and thinking.

Take Command

Give your thoughts direction. Right now your thoughts may be directing you, however, in a negative way. Consider choosing what you think about. If you are self-abasing, criticizing everything and "nothing is ever right" it's time to start a new script. Put positive notes all around your house or apartment. Listen only to empowering music, TV and books. You will have to train your mind to go where you choose, and that should be in the direction of creating your best life from day to day.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Here's what I've learned: we can live in thoughts of feast or famine, and that applies to most everything. If we want great relationships, we have to cultivate them with healthy thoughts. If we want success, we have to cultivate the plans that will take us there. If we want to reach our goals, we have to cultivate each step of the way. It all depends on our focus. When we focus our thoughts on the things that are good, we create a beautiful feast, a more bountiful life. When we don't, we find ourselves lacking in many ways, a famine of sorts. We can get control. We can command our direction. We can conquer negativity. Start thinking about that. ~ S.R.F.

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