Wednesday, November 6, 2019

You Have An "IT" Factor!

Believe Yourself. You've got "IT"!

The "IT" Factor

Do you have "it"? You know, that thing that people used to say when they could see something special about you: "you're all that, and a bag of chips!" Well, if no one has ever said that about you, no worries. Without the "all that" and without the bag of chips, you still have something pretty unique about you, and "It" came with you the day you were born.

Now that that's settled, what do you with your "It"? Of course, you use "It" to your advantage. 

Dress like "It"

Does that mean bust your bank account trying to prove to the world that you are "all that"? No, definitely not. "It" means showing up anywhere and everywhere with a sense of confidence in the apparel you choose. Let your "It" reflect your best. Let your "It" be about your unique style. Let your "It" be about the fact that you were intentional about how you wanted to look from head to toe. Let your "It" show.

Talk like "It"

You don't have to have a perfect command of every word that's ever been uttered, but your "It" should know how to greet people, have "small chat"conversations and be a great listener, even about things you may know nothing about. Your "It" becomes interesting when you are "interested" in the world and people around you and you can talk about those things. You don't have to sound like you're a genius, you just need to sound interested. Your "It" will be apparent when you know how to listen and communicate as well.

Walk like "It"

Walk tall. Walk like you know where you're headed. "It" will be obvious to others that you're someone with plans and goals. "It" will be obvious that you have people to see, places to go and things to do. Hold your head up. Your "It" should look like you are feeling good in the skin you're in. Your "It" should look like you know your worth. Your "It" should make you feel like a million bucks even if you don't actually have a million dollars in the bank. Your "It" should be in every step you take. And, if no one happens to mention that there's something really special about you, it's okay. You already know "It". Your "It" is beautifully exuding from every part of you. They may not say it, but they see "It".  ~ S.R.F.

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