Friday, November 6, 2020


That was then. This is now.

This is NOW

Oftentimes, our past can leave us so shaken that we believe there could never be a promising future. We tell ourselves that all is lost, that there is nothing ahead that leads to a place of fruitfulness and fulfillment.

So much can happen in life, and we lose our footing, our sense of direction; however, it’s very important that we don’t lose faith, a vision of the possibilities within us and around us. Better days are ahead; in fact, I believe our very best days are ahead if we believe it, and  believing it most often requires change. Consider this:

Change Your Thinking. This is hard work. Declaring that you see something that you don’t isn’t easy, but it has to be a first step out of your past. Work on your mind’s eye. Instead of seeing past faults, fumbles and failures, see yourself doing new and incredible things with your life. See the “YOU” you want to become. In time, you’ll be the YOU you’ve envisioned.

Change Your Position. If you’re in a place physically and literally that does not support you, encourage you, build you, enhance you, or is not pointing you in the direction of your new future, it may well be time to re-position yourself. New surroundings? New friends and associates? New job? New business? Making those choices may be the only way to your new-level and your new future. Re-position yourself, and do it without fear.

Change Your Plan. So, you have been brooding, and lacking faith and confidence in yourself; that plan has no momentum. And, it’s sad to say, but that attitude can keep you dwelling in your past mistakes for a lifetime. But, you say “it’s not a plan, I can’t help how I feel.” Well, it’s a plan until you make another plan. “Hoping” something will happen to change things can happen, yes. However, I remember the first time I heard someone say “HOPE is not a plan.” Wow! It’s great to have hope, but it’s wiser and better if you can implement a plan that takes you where you are hoping to go.

Change directions. When you keep settling into thoughts of your past, it’s like going around in circles, going absolutely nowhere. Focus on your future. Don’t look back. Don’t keep making those U-turns. Stop reminding yourself of all the things that went wrong, things that you did wrong, and things that were done wrong to you. None of that will change. The only thing you can change is the direction you choose to go in now, and that shouldn’t be constantly re-visiting the past. That was then, and this is now. You hold the key. Put the key in the ignition and drive, straight into the great future God has planned for you.   ~S.R.F.

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