Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Fox By Any Other Name...

Known best by her real name, about two years ago Pat Evans adapted a new professional name and branding, Silver Rae Fox. Flaunting a signature silvery-mix coif, and a thinking intellect as "wise as a fox", she and the new name reflect what the Bible calls a "crown of splendor", a credit she feels she has earned!

With a firm belief that we can reinvent ourselves at any point in life, see life with new eyes, Silver believes we can especially see ourselves in a brand new way. Fully embracing the new image, but keeping goals the same, she will continue her life's work coaching and teaching life principles as a media personality, speaker and author.

Through her talent and joy for writing, Silver brings sharp focus, keen insights, powerful instincts and revelation to light on life's ethics. Having overcome many challenging circumstances, adversity, tragedy and loss, Silver Rae Fox has emerged with sterling self-confidence, strength and the ability to share, inspire and motivate diverse audiences and venues. Her wisdom and capacity for understanding issues of the heart, mind and emotion is meshed with an ability to articulate with sensitivity,simplicity and wit.

Bearing new armor, a new name, and a continued sense of renewal of mind, body and soul, Silver Rae Fox by any name will encourage and incite you to always look deeper into yourself, reach higher for possibilities, and stretch to your greatest God-given potential.

Silver's "FOXOLOGY" will blog monthly, offering wise and wonderful stories, motivational messages, fun and helpful guidelines for personal and professional growth, and inspiring insights that will uplift and empower.

It is my hope that you will show up and shine!


"If you do not have what you want, you are not committed to it 100%."


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