"What Is FAITH?" Faith Notes and Quotes to Encourage and Inspire You

"What Is FAITH? Faith Notes and Quotes to Encourage and Inspire You" by Silver Rae Fox



Life Can Be a Challenge

We know that life comes with many changes and challenges, and we are often in need of  encouragement to fuel our faith. "What Is Faith?" is filled with inspiring short stories and wonderful faith-filled insights designed to keep you fully charged for those day-to-day issues that we all face. Within these 175 pages of sheer inspiration, I've included journal pages for your personal note-taking. You can jot down your thoughts as you read along and embrace these life-changing concepts!

We Need Faith
We need life and faith principles that are going to help us live stronger and bolder lives.  That's what "What Is Faith?" is all about. It's your next step toward a deeper and richer understanding of life and how to live it better!
How We Live
At the end of the day each and every one of us needs faith to accomplish our dreams, to achieve our goals, to survive in this ever-changing world, to thrive and succeed now and in the future. Faith is how we live. Faith is the foundation. Faith is the propeller. Faith is the reason we keep going. Faith is the choice we make to WIN.
"What Is FAITH?" will help you stand stronger in the face of life’s obstacles, give you added courage to hurdle over difficulties, and inspire you to succeed. This is true because any of us can be empowered to triumph when we really understand WHAT FAITH IS!

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                           LIFE IS A JOURNEY. Pack some FAITH!

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