"It's really about YOU."

It's my mission to help others. It's been my life's work in one way or another. When you learn the value and effectiveness that promotes and produces positive development in people, it just inspires me to do more and more. I've been at it for more than four decades now, bringing enlightenment, development and inspiration to individuals from all walks of life. It matters. It makes an impact. It creates change. It can give hope. It can produce happiness and well-being. My work brings the kind of rewards that are difficult to measure, but are precious in their importance. I was born to be a people-builder. It's God's gift to me for you! 

"I want to help you do life and work at your best."

Silver has has contributed her expertise and instruction to many community organizations, local schools and churches, inspiring many individuals to think positively, live productively and learn the value of building self-esteem and confidence. As a consummate Corporate Coach, Senior Trainer and Project Manager for the City of Houston's Human Resources Corporate University, Silver facilitated the New Employee Orientation Program, the City Accreditation Program for Supervisors, and designed and facilitated numerous Special Training and Development projects and other Leadership Courses designed for professional development. For several stints there, employees have benefited from her influential instruction and managerial training. She is a graduate of Houston Baptist University and earned her Executive Training and Professional and Organizational Development Certificate from the University of Oklahoma's Executive and T&D Program.

            "I've worked in this industry for many,
             many years as a professional talent."

An expert in professional modeling and acting, personal development and poise, speaking skills, personality development and motivation, Silver has impacted countless individuals with her hands-on training at some of the most notable career development centers in the nation. She's been featured in many, many print ads, TV commercials and Multimedia advertising over the past four decades, and is currently represented by the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency in Houston.

  "I'm talking and writing out loud, and saying some great stuff."

Silver Rae Fox has made her professional mark to thousands upon thousands as a popular blog writer at www.silverraefox.com and radio host at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/FOXOLOGY. She also shares daily thoughts of inspiration on her "Let's Talk About Faith" blog, encouraging readers with faith-filled words of wisdom and hope.

                                    AUTHOR AND SPEAKER

As an inspirational author and speaker, some of Silver's current projects include launching a library of inspirational and motivational audio products, books, tools and PSA's. Contact the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency for speaking engagements: 713.266.4488. Only serious inquiries, please.

Silver is also the Founder and President of the Women With Wings Organization. Women With Wings is a 501c3 dedicated to the empowerment of women through various philanthropic efforts and events.

For additional information, Email: SILVER@silverraefox.com or call 877.473.5773

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