Make a call first. 
Help is available.

Make a Call First © 2021 is a series of public service announcements developed as a social media crisis intervention tool and message to offer an alert to anyone who is experiencing danger, or who may cause harm to themselves or someone else. 

It is in part, one of the media endeavors of THE FOXOLOGY PROJECT whose mission is to empower and encourage individuals to think about positive change and positive possibilities for themselves and the society in which we live. Utilizing the World Wide Web as our platform, we will deliver quality media focused on teaching tools and processes that are essential for personal success and for confident daily living. THE FOXOLOGY PROJECT vision rests in the principle that there are specific and identifiable common sense strategies, common values and strategic approaches that are useful and applicable for us as individuals that can elevate our thinking, and society. When we embrace, learn and implement these important concepts, it changes us, how we think, and consequently, the world.

Make a Call First © 2021 specifically encourages anyone who is experiencing a crisis and may need someone to contact, to call someone for help or use this resource link to find a hotline number to make a call first: Or, if they are in need immediate emergency help, to call 911.

Copyright Laws Apply. All Rights Reserved - Silver Rae Fox Enterprises - The FOXOLOGY Project 2021

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You don't have to give up. Make a call first. 
Help is available.


  1. Ms. Fox, you were at New Faith Baptist Church this past week. You referenced a black book that you rely on. What is the name of the book? I would like to purchase it. Thanks
    Mae Canady

    1. This message was posted quite some time ago, and I apologize to you that I completely missed seeing it until now, today. The book you are referring to is titled "Streams in the Desert."