Sunday, April 2, 2023


 Is your motivation at rest today? Tired of hearing everyone say "just think positive"? Has the drive you used to have shifted to park, and you feel absolutely no momemtum to put the pedal to the metal anymore? Would a push in the right direction help get you moving, perhaps in an even better way than before? Well, let'see. It's worth a try, you think? Keep reading.

Motivation can seem tricky. We've been taught that it's some kind of lightning bolt energy that propels us into action, the kind of action that can accomplish every goal. That may be true for some, but it is hardly that evident in most of our every day actions. Motivation is taking place all day, everyday, in the things we do, so this is the time to calm yourself down and reel yourself in, understanding the fact that you have not lost or misplaced your motivation. It's still in you and it's still alive and well.

If you made it out of bed, that's motivation. If you did your daily routines and preps for the day, that's motivation. If you headed out the door into the big, grizzly world, that's motivation. You hung in there until the day was done? That's motivation, too. Today alone, you performed many efforts and tasks that required energy, skill, attitude, effort, intelligence, know-how, patience, control and wherewithal to do whatever was accomplished. Pat yourself on the back, because you did it! That took lots of motivation.

Here's a question for you, check any that apply: Did you do it without feeling great? Did you do it without even wanting to? Did you just hate your day, but you got done what needed to be done anyway? Kudos to you, because that kind of motivation is noteworthy! Give yourself credit, because credit is due you. You motivated yourself to do what you had to, in spite of the feelings that challenged you. My thought and theory is that overcoming those inner obstacles is the best kind of motivation there is.

We think of "winners" being motivated in their particular field of sport or competition. We think of high profile individuals who have scaled their dreams and made it to the top. There are many people and things we think of when we measure the successes of those whose motivation must have catapulted them into those glorious places. Here's a news flash: they have often felt the same as you while you achieved success in what you considered drudgery in your daily tasks. It's true.

What is my point? While your goals of the day may be different than others, you ran your race, too. You put your best foot forward, in the right direction. You scaled your seemingly "menial" day stuff, and got to the goal, to the finish line. Wow! Just look at that success! That took motivation, didn't it? Yes, and I encourage you to remember this: that makes you a real winner, too! ~ S.R.F.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


 It is truly amazing how quickly things can change in a moment, in a day, in life, isn't it? You can feel secure and safe, and then something happens that take you by surprise, catches you offguard, or snatches the rug right from under you. Wholly molly!

Is there a strategy for handling the shifts and the shocks of it all? Well, of course there is.

1. Some changes shake you to the core. If that happened, spend the time you need to wrap your head around it. You may be able to do that in the moment, and maybe not. Some stuff requires time to get a mental and emotional grip on yourself, until you can think straight enough to deal with what is going on. It is often a step-by-step endeavor to do so, so try to remain calm while you collect your thoughts.

2. Quick thinking may be required in some circumstances. If the solution you come up with seems right and applicable for the situation, work with it. The important thing to remember when quick thinking is needed, is to not avoid doing something as a remedy. Things can tend to grow worse if we don't think on our feet and address the issues expeditiously.

3. It may be hard to keep a cool head, composure and not over-react with worry or wrong moves. It does make a difference when we can stay calm and focused, even if the change is riveting. Do the best you can to pull on your inner resources to handle the upset with patience, wisdom and resolve.

The truth is that we can get through our rough patches without losing our minds and our hope. Change is going to happen, and often swiftly. Be ready for it. Be ready to handle it. ~ S.R.F.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Things Just Happen

I know of quite a few people who spend tiring hours, mentally and emotionally trying to figure things out. In a quest to understand the "Why" and the "What" of stuff, there comes with that a type of draining of a healthy mind and spirit.

Does everything have some kind of special or hidden meaning? Is every mysterious occurrence something that requires us to take out our mental magnifying glasses and try to get to the root of the cause? Well, yes and no.

We seem to look for those kind of answers to help us find peace and resolve when we are dealing with matters of life. If we are fortunate enough to find or conjure up some meaning, we feel like we've conquered that obstacle with whatever obscure revelation has come to us. It's not always crystal clear, it's just something that we agree with ourselves that should "make sense" of the situation. It's not always truth, though.

Sometimes, our easiest resolve is that life happens. Things just happen. I believe there are often things we can and should learn in the process, and we can have epiphanies that are life-changing, too. The thing we must guard against is some of the suffering we put ourselves through with the time spent "investigating" the things that happen, days, months, years, and even a lifetime trying to figure out "why did this happen?" or "why did this happen to me?" or "what does this mean?".

I'll share a mental trick I use with you. If I can determine the "cause and effect" of an occurrence, I need not do too much more thinking. It is what it is. If it requires comptemplation, prayer and "listening" within, I present the question, and then watch and wait to see if something gets revealed. There is absolutely no reason to keep asking over and over and over, wearying myself with thinking, seeking and asking. All of that comes with a great mental, spiritual, emotional and time-consuming cost.

What we actually are looking for is peace in those moments of excitement, or desperation and despair. Whatever the case may be in your own life, I enourage you to not spend your whole life trying to "break the case". Just remember that sometimes, many times, things just happen without a sound or meaningful reason. If you can get some wisdom from it, get it. If you can get some type of understanding, embrace that. If you get nothing, move on. That's okay to do, too. ~ S.R.F.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

What's Ahead? It's Possible!

Coming out of the gates strong for 2023? Determined to be all you can be this year? You can and you will! 

There's no shortage of possibilities for you. Each day is filled with ideas and imagination. Get a clear view. Hold on to your vision. See yourself victorious. Some steps may feel harder than others while you're in your stride, but keep it moving!

Set your goals, but know that there is often more than one plan of pursuit to get where you want to go. Keep an open mind. It very well could be on a different pathway than you previously thought.

Don't give up when the going is tough. It will get tough. It's all a part of the process. Tough times don't necessarily mean that it is time to quit. It means you toughen up and look for the ways and means to maneuver over the obstacles. There will always be hills, valleys and mountains to climb. Stay focused.

Life is full of promise, possibility and potential. Never does it run low. Never does it run out. Never is there any lack of it. Today set your mind and heart on what you want and what you want to do. It's waiting for you! ~ S.R.F.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Like It or Not

The Christmas season is upon us! Everywhere we look, we are reminded that Santa is on the way. Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, ol'Santa is coming to town. Yep, he is on his way! I need to ask: Are you ready? Are you someone who embraces every bit of the joyous holiday aura and atmosphere? Or, are you impatiently counting the days, hours and minutes until it's over? Yay or Nay?

So, is it that you don't believe in Santa, Jesus, Christmas trees and lights, and all the other stuff? You say that the immensity of the holiday hoopla is just a little too much for you? Just not feeling it? Well, here's a not-so-recent news flash: Santa is coming anyway. In other international breaking news, we'll celebrate the birth of Jesus anyway. Maybe you've heard, He's the reason for the season, the Headliner. And yes, trees, lights and decorations will be everywhere anyway. It's happening. Christmas is happening anyway.

There's a reason we go around saying "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas." Well, because it feels good to be happy and merry. If you happen to be a naysayer, how about making a decision to have fun this year? Join in. It's a choice. Of course, you could be crabby and complain, but where's the joy in doing that? I see you. I do. C'mon  and enjoy yourself. Don't be all grinchy. Find your "happy" and muster up some merriment. It's all around you. Grab some. It's one of the best times of the year.  ~ S.R.F.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

There's An Answer

Life certainly has more challenges than any of us have prepared for. A myriad of predicaments and problems seem to come more frequently than we have the ready answers for them. And sometimes, seemingly no answers at all for the tougher things. We can find ourselves perplexed, seeking solutions. However, the most important thing to remember is that typically there are solutions, oftentimes there is even more than one.

Here are a few things to consider when issues hit us:

1. Analyze what is going on. Is this a big problem or a small thing? Is it even a "thing" or I am making it a thing? Your perspective is important. You've heard it said "we can make mountains out of molehills"? Keep that in mind. That small thing may require less energy and thinking than you are giving to it. 

2. A bigger issue may require time and strategy, critical thinking and emotional energy. Determine what kind of battle it is. Check for and find resources if you need help. Ask qualified advisors. Pray for guidance. Be careful about making quick attacks on problems that need special or significant consideration to resolve. Haste truly does make waste in many cases, so take it slow and steady if you can. You will get to your solution with more confidence and peace of mind, and likely to the best resolve, too.

3. If you're blowing up the problem bigger than it really is, stop yourself. Take some deep breaths and pull yourself together and handle it to the best of your knowledge, ability and common sense. If you discover that it really was no problem at all, other than the narrative you created, let it go. Let it be. Sometimes we can be guilty of giving a situation smoke and steam just because we don't move on. Don't be that person.

Life requires strategy in so much of our daily life. If we live in that principle, we can maneuver through many of our concerns with greater understanding and ease. ~ S.R.F

Monday, October 3, 2022

Turn Your Crappy Day Into a Happy Day

Some days can start off absolutely crappy. You didn't see it coming, or maybe you did. Either way, it's crappy. Hate it when that happens? Yes, we all do. So what's the thing to do to turn things around?

I have always said that I can't afford to be in a bad mood all day, neither do I want to. So, that's the first thing to think about: what is the cost of going through the entire morning, day, night, week, etc., in a crappy, terrible, horrible mood? It's hard on our mental and emotional state, and it robs us of time we could be doing happier things.

Also, try not to complain. That's like adding fuel to a fire that is already burning out of control. You say something to yourself about how crappy you feel. You say something crappy to somebody else about how you feel. You yell at somebody. You crawl under the covers. You cry, maybe scream. Well, that's maybe worth a few minutes of your time, and hopefully you don't cause any damage to anyone, but get it out if you must, then be absolute about getting on with your day in a better mood. 

Keep in mind, complaining about crappy stuff all day just stole lots of time and interactions that may have been happy and fun. Unfortunately, you can't know because you complained about the crap instead, and you're unable to recoup those hours. You do have the option to NOT do that.

Connect with some better energy. I always look for something funny to read or watch if crappy tries to slap me in the face with some nonsense. It works. Sometimes I find myself laughing so hard, out loud at a meme or a video, or a comedy on TV. It's a deliberate effort to dispel any crappy thoughts and it brings a mountain load of joy. 

Maybe you have a very upbeat, positive friend. Call them and tell them you could use an uplifting word from them. Listen to some great music, the kind you can dance to. And yes, get up and dance. Hug your cat or dog. Go to the park and play like a kid. Find something that has some happy, uplifting energy and connect to it. You will feel better within minutes.

Get out into the fresh air and sunshine. It doesn't matter if it's cold outside. It's the air you need. It's the sun beaming on your face. If it's rainy, listen to the rhythm of the rain. It can be mesmerizing. It just depends on how you see it. Is it a storm, or an orchestra? You decide if it's crappy or not.

Focus on ways to get happy, not on ways for everything and everbody around to "make" you happy. There will be days where you feel defeated, depleted, exhausted and just plain crappy. I get it, but I encourage you to flip the script. Be determined to not allow yourself to be overwhelmed and overcome with those thoughts, regardless of what is happening inside your head or in your atmosphere. Defeat it. Create your happy instead. ~ S.R.F.

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Saturday, September 10, 2022

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

Life certainly has its abundance of challenges, uncertainties, shifts and change, and unsettling situations. It seems to be a constant and ongoing process of working our way through things for most of us. Very often, we find ourselves in such complicated predicaments that we don't have a clue how to get through them.

I'm not the guru of problem-solving, but I have learned a few major things from the difficulties I've faced, both big and small. Getting over the lumps, humps and bumps ain't always easy. I've learned that you have to put your "game face" on and your stormy-weather coat and boots if you intend to survive some of the things life throws your way. It can be a real fight getting to the other side of those difficulties, but I have found that you can. Here are some things to consider:

1. Keep fighting. As hard as it can feel, keep fighting. You will get weary and tired during the course of some of your problem-solving journeys, but don't stop until you get done what you need to get done. It will feel twice as hard if and when you have to go back and pick up the pieces where they dropped off. Keep fighting and keep figting and keep fighting. It's the only way to assure yourself of a resolution.

2. Keep managing. Stay on top of things as best you can. It's very often critical that you don't lose sight of the things and people who can be instrumental in the process. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed with the problem and feel stuck or paralyzed by it. Recognize at those points that you must keep managing what you can, even if it's only a little bit by bit.

3. Keep believing. Frustration in the midst of problems can diminish and destroy our faith. If we see no end, we want to give up. If we tell ourselves there is no solution or way, we quit. If we feel the odds are against us, we throw in the towel. 

Even when a solution is not clear or evident, even when we have no idea what to do, we have to remember that faith will always take us to an answer. The answer is not always the one that we hoped for, prayed for or imagined, but there is an answer that can prove to be satisfactory and comforting, an answer that provides completion and resolve. And that answer, is exactly the right answer, the one we need most.

With all being said so far, keep going. Keep maneuvering. Keep pressing forward. You will make it through every challenge somehow, and some way, if you do. ~ S.R.F.

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Friday, August 12, 2022

Professionalism: More Than Just a Handshake and a Smile

Do you ever give any thought to the power of professionalism, or what it even means? We know what we mean when we say "He or she is so professional" or "they handled everything so professionally". Or, if we encounter a disgruntled person, we often say "they weren't very professional". So, with that being said, we know it's a "thing".

Professionalism is a discipline. It's a set of skills and actions that we use in life and business to help us have more positive, productive and successful interactions with others. It's more than just a handshake and a smile. It's our ability to give the best of ourselves to encounters with our best foot forward, and with interest in the best outcomes in those situations.

What exactly does professionalism do for us? It has distinct advantages. Here are a few important things to recognize about professionlism.:

1. Professionalism adds polish to how you do things. True professionalism usually carries with it honesty and authenticity. No facades. No hidden agendas. No nonsense. No games. Professionalism is showing up with a sense of confidence and direction about what is to be achieved for whatever is the purpose, either personally or in business.

2. Professionalism can make you more "attractive" as a person, and in business. How you carry yourself, how well you speak to others, how well you deal with people, can make it easier for others to be drawn into your circle of influence and into your good intentions. 

You show real respect to others, genuinely. People can be easily turned off by insincere behavior and efforts, and interactions that are snobbish or aggressive. Professionalism is developing the skill of understanding how to interact well in whatever situation you are in with anyone.

3. Professionalism can give you access, leverage and advantages. Along with that great smile and handshake, showing up as a "polished" individual has its merits. Oftentimes, you can be immediately liked when you present your best image and personality. How you carry yourself, how you look and how you talk can open doors. If your image and the impact you make is favorable, people are also typically impressed by that, and tend to have a greater trust and confidence in what you have to offer as an individual. 

Is all of this easy? Maybe not in the beginning, but you have numerous opportunities daily to practice with friends, family, co-workers, on the phone, and in business encounters and interactions of all kinds. My advice: do not miss even one opportunity to use professionalism and what you can and learn from it. Professionalism is a great skill set, the kind that you can use over and over and over with outstanding results, most every time. ~ S.R.F.

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Friday, July 15, 2022


Do you have a superpower? Probably. Do you know what it is? Maybe not. Let's look at that concept for a moment or two.

What exactly is a "superpower"? I believe the short answer is that thing, or those things that we are really good at. It's those abilities and strengths that we excel at. It's those personal and professional capabilities and capacities that we are born with that make us natural or exceptional achievers.

All of us know the names of many great people who fall into the categories just mentioned, but have we taken the time to recognize our own greatness? You don't necessarily have to have great fame and fortune to be considered to have a superpower. However, kudos to those who are using their gifts and tools at that level.

Many of us are using our greatness in other ways. Maybe you are a great thinker. You're an "idea" person or a real go-getter. Maybe you are a genius in your world of work and profession. Maybe you are a great Mom, a great wife, a great husband, a great friend, a great servant of some sort. I love the quote that says "do small things in a great way." That's operating in superpower.

Maybe kindness is your superpower. Maybe being a good listener is. Maybe there is something about you that you do so naturally that you think is no big deal, but everyone around knows that you are the mover and shaker. You may even feel small or your contributions may seem small in the whole scheme of things. They are not. They count. They matter. You matter.

Find out what your superpower is, and recognize this ability and contribution it makes to the world and those around you. You say, "but, it's really not a superpower. All I do is 'such and such'." Your "such and such" may be the very action, attitude or ability that supercharges someone's day, or maybe even their life. 

You've got something. It's your superpower. Don't downplay it. Acknowledge it. Plug into it. Be it, and watch what happens. ~ S.R.F.


Saturday, June 11, 2022


Feeling grumpier than usual? Well, a lot of people are, and it's not hard to understand why. So much has been happening in our lives, and it's making life grumpier, plain and simple.

Can we help ourselves become a little happlier and easier to be around? Of course, we can! Here a few ways we can start:

Choose peace and quiet as often as possible. During those moments, release the tension and unrest you feel. Let it go. This practice, even if done only a couple of minutes at a time can renew your mind and attitude and lift your spirit.

Choose to not respond to the negative stuff. Rebuttals, cussing, screaming and coarse reactions will keep you on the edge constantly. There's only one way to stop those actions, and that is to just stop. Let go of that behaviour and you'll be gaining a lot more joy in the process.

Stop being mad at the world and everyone around you. You will never be able to do anything about most stuff, so let that anger go, too. Take responsibility for your grumpiness. All is not bad in the world. Focus on the good. Focus on your own serenity. Focus on what feels good to you. 

It's no fun being a grump, and chances are you have learned that already. Find some peace. Try to think and act more positively. Stop believing the world is out to get you, and choose to be happy. And, foremost, make a decision to say goodbye to the grumpy you right now, today. ~ S.R.F.

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Saturday, May 14, 2022


On any given day, life can feel so messed up. It can feel crazy. It can feel miserable. It can feel so hard to understand. It can feel so difficult to maneuver. It can feel so challenging to navigate. It can be so hard to deal with. It can feel utterly frustrating. It can be so this, that and the other!

I have lived a long time and I know this! I have been there and done that. My hand is raised. I've got the T-shirt. I've got receipts. But, enough of that kind of talk! 

Guess what? Now that I've taken you down that rough road, let's take a detour. There is a NEW WAY we can take. Let's look at the map of our lives and see if we can chart out some new directions. Sound good? Well, we must! Those rough and rocky times in our lives are sometimes really hard to manage, but we have to remember that there can and will always be smoother highways ahead if we dare to chart them for ourselves.

We have to make an effort to hold on tight to the wheel and see what new roads we can take. We will need to decide on some new destinations. We will need to design some new travel plans for the journeys ahead. The more we focus on the possibilities, we'll lose sight of those prior problematic predicaments and pursuits that got us off track.

We must exit every road that is taking us nowhere and get ourselves going in the direction toward the things in life that put us on smoother trails. It may not be the easiest drive forward, but as long as we know that we're moving closer to our goals, our peace, our balance and our success, we gotta keep it moving straight ahead! You going? ~ S.R.F.