Monday, June 1, 2009



Most of us don't give feet the special love and care they deserve. They hit hard ground hundreds of times a day under the pressure of body weight, most often in enclosed shoes, and for us ladies, often inches off the ground.

Sometimes the results are sore, aching, tired feet, fallen arches, corns, callouses, and GRIEF! Alas, there is help you can give yourself to make your walk through life a little easier:

1. After coming out of your regular shoes, find a comfortable place to sit. Put your feet up if possible. Scrunch your feet and toes tightly for ten seconds, then stretch them out for ten seconds, then relax. Repeat the exercise for five to ten minutes.

2. Use a glass soda bottle, exercising one foot at a time, roll the bottle underneath your foot from the tips of your toes to heels. This is great for relieving the tension in your feet.

3. A good old hand massage for feet is very effective for ridding yourself of the kinks. This exercise can be performed by another party. Oh joy!

4. Regular pedicures can help eliminate odd toenail growth that can cause significant pain.

5. Visit a foot doctor. If you have foot discomfort that is unusual and persistent, you may need medical advice and attention.

These are just a few remedies. Regular care gets the best results. And, remember, too, there is nothing like the feeling of a plain old-fashioned hot water soak! Add a little epsom salt, and you're good to go!


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