Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, Mr. President! Smooches!

This is just so CRAZY COOL!

The little guy in the picture is my third-generation cousin, Christian. My guess is that you probably already know who the other guy is!

Apparently, during his campaigning, he made a stop in South Bend, Indiana, where some of my relatives live. (I was there recently for my uncle's homegoing ceremony, and afterwords some of my cousins and I were reminiscing over old and new photos and they showed me this article). Anyway, Little Christian was there that day wearing his "Babies For Obama" T-shirt. Who would notice, especially in a thick crowd of Obama T-shirt wearing supporters? Well, our President did! He made the comment "that's a cute baby" while looking over the crowd, sporting that big smile and in his typical charming, humorous manner. Who knew what would happen next?

Well, my cousin Camesha, Christian's mother, kind of lost it, realizing that the then Senator had noticed her child in the crowd, after mentioning that he had shaken millions of hands and kissed a million babies. She raised Christian up high in the air and screamed, "pass my baby down there!" Yeah, she really did.

O.K. Now get this picture: little Christian is literally being passed from raised hands to raised hands until he reaches the security guys who then give the baby to President Obama. Well, the picture tells the rest of the story! He then plants a big smooch right on Christian's cheek! Now, tell me if that is not just CRAZY COOL!

For more on the story that appeared in the South Bend Tribune, here's the link:


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