Saturday, August 1, 2009


Weight a minute...don't eat that!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know. Easier said than done. But what are we going to do, People? We are constantly obsessing about weight, and constantly eating at the same time!

It's time to stop and think: wait a minute before you grab that delicious "thing" that will have you sucking in your tummy, and looking squinty-eyed at your butt and waistline the next day.

I believe that our best battle against weight gain and our best success for weight loss is that we have to FOCUS, really FOCUS, on control. We have to just "weight" a minute, endeavoring moment by moment, if necessary, to get a grip on our crazy cravings. We have to "weight" a minute, stop, point a finger at ourselves and say emphatically "don't eat that!"

Everyone of us has heard it thousands of times by now that we should be eating better. We know hundreds of ways to cut calories. We have tried countless diets. So what is the real problem here? SELF-CONTROL!

Doesn't this sound catchy: "The Self-Control Diet Plan: Stop Eating Everything You Want." That's the real solution to our dire diet desires. We just can't eat everything we want and be weight-wise at the same time. We don't need WILLPOWER to lose weight. We need WON'T POWER: I WON'T eat THAT! And I WON'T eat THAT...and I definitely WON'T any longer eat THAT!

So, I will spare you the dirty details of dieting and the boring advice. I will encourage you to do what I know works for sure. Stop eating so much. Stop eating so often. "Weight" a minute or two and think of something else to do.


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