Wednesday, September 2, 2009


What Do You See?

Have you ever gotten up in the morning, looked in the mirror, wondering about who you really are, and how do you really fit in the scheme of things? That image says a lot more than just what you see, huh?

You know, we can wish, but there is no real magic to this life. We have no "abbra-ka-dabbra's" for making ourselves into celebrities, movies stars or for turning our lives into the likes of the rich and famous. Most of us are pretty ordinary people with ordinary lives, but most of us have extraordinary hopes, expectations and dreams.

It's a better idea to get up in the morning PLANNING what you want to become, DESIGNING your "place" in life. You should EVALUATE your talents, your gifts and your abilities and RECOGNIZE your potential and strengths. Grow very fond of that person who reflects back at you in the mirror. That person needs to be pampered by you constantly, so that he or she can reflect his or her best to the world.

The person looking back at you in the mirror should know you are their best friend. That person should know that he or she can depend on you when the chips are down, and that he or she will be there for you when no one else will be.

When it comes to getting up and looking at yourself in the mirror, life isn't so much about how beautiful or handsome you are. It's about what you see on the inside that should give you pride and confidence: a sense of security, commitment and direction, and knowing that where you fit in is a special place in life all your own. So, now look again. Hope. Dream. Expect. Yeah, that's what I call beautiful!


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