Monday, November 2, 2009

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Sometimes It Feels Like Nobody's Watching Me

Earlier this year, to cut overhead in my department, my company terminated our on-site manager. Our group, consisting of twenty employees, is now supervised by three team leads. Everything seems to be going well for the most part as far as day-to-day functions, except that our previous on-site manager was responsible for our employee evaluations, which directly affect regular wage increases and yearly bonuses for all of us. I am concerned about how this process will be handled now, how to approach my company about this, since the team leads don't have the authority to do evaluations, and no one is here to do them?

Georgia B., Data Entry
Chicago, IL

Dear Georgia:

That is an interesting situation, but not nearly as complex as it may appear. It sounds like you just want to be sure you get the raise and bonus that you feel you deserve.

First of all, just ask. Contact your human resources department, or the next level of supervision, and ask professionally and politely, "Hey, you know I have been wondering since 'so-and-so' is no longer with us, how will the evaluations and bonuses be handled?" It's a simple and reasonable question to pose to them, and it's likely someone has been thinking about how it is going to be handled. However, if for some reason they have failed to, which is possible, then it's good that you stepped in with your question to give them a heads-up.

My other thought is, although there is no manager on site, that in no way means that your work ethics and efforts are going "unnoticed" by others in the company. You may not realize it, but somebody's keeping an "eye" on you guys, watching and evaluating, although from afar. If you keep doing your job well, you can make sure you are recognized for it. Without question YOUR work will speak so loudly that they have to see it and commend you. You will get what you deserve.
Hopefully, that bonus!


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