Monday, December 28, 2009


Can you say "RED CARPET"? I saw "Precious" recently and considered it a dynamic work in movie-making. Unfortunately, it was a disturbing insight into some very horrifying realities in life and society's subcultures. I've heard many say these portrayals and situations are more harmful than helpful to African-American images and issues. I left the theater feeling so proud of the writers, producers, actors, etc., but I, too, was deeply grieved by the images and issues, and not because African-Americans were portrayed in such a poor way; I was fighting tears knowing that the problems are real, and even worse. I'm just sayin'...the truth hurts.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


All I Want For Christmas Is Everything!

Dear Santa:

I remember when I was five years old and the mean 'ol, mean 'ol little girls next door told me that you weren't real. They laughed. I cried. The laugh was on them, however. When I got my beautiful doll on Christmas Day, that settled it. I knew you were the real deal. My parents even said so.

Santa, a little part of that little girl has never grown up. She still believes in miracles, fantasies and "happily ever after." She still daydreams and wishes, and smiles about her lofty visions and imaginings. No, I wasn't about to let two little mean girls stop me from believing in a wonderful world where wonderful things can happen out of nowhere by just believing. After all, you gave me some of my best fun, ever.

With all that being said, I have this year's list all ready for you. I thank you for all of the toys and games, but I am all grown up now, and this list...well, it's what big girls want for Christmas. So here goes:

Twelve pairs of designer boots, size 9.
Mix 'em up: booties, knee-high and above the knee.

Eleven pairs of designer shoes (Gucci, Louboutin, etc.) No flats, please.

Ten-day cruise vacation. I really NEED this.

Nine sets of matching Tiffany Jewelry.

Eight Deluxe Spa visits.

Seven Best-selling motivational books.
I wouldn't want you to think I'm so shallow that I don't think I need to be smart.

Six Chanel suits, size 8. No, 6. I can lose 5lbs.

Five Golden Rings. This is good. A couple carats each, at least, O.K.?

Four Tickets to the Superbowl.

-piece Louis Vuitton Luggage set.

huge diamond stud earrings.

One 500 Series Mercedes Benz

I wanted to give you enough time, so I'm sending you this letter three weeks in advance. I want to let you know that I haven't been pouting or naughty. I've been really nice, so when you're checking my list and checking it twice, we shouldn't have any problems with that.

One more thing: the last time I saw you, you were kinda old, and a little fat. Any chance that you can show up this year younger, taller, dark and handsome? I'm just sayin'...I'm not a little girl anymore.

Thanks, Santa. See you soon!

Silver Rae


Need a Great Gift Idea? Give Someone a Reason to Smile!

We're in a season of emotional highs and lows. The economy has taken a toll on many lives and families, and so many are fighting to have the faith to enjoy a "Merry" Christmas or a "Happy" New Year. These are difficult times for millions of people. 'Tis the season, yet the days ahead are filled with discouragement and uncertainty.

Not everyone is feeling thankful, joyful or full of anticipation about Christmas or the onset of 2010. Not everyone feels a reason to rejoice, or throngs of excitement, nor the spirit of joviality. Some people are feeling overwhelmed with depression right now for lack of a job, money, food and other basic necessities. Some are experiencing sadness and grief because they are all alone. Others are anxious over our materialistic view and adaptations of the holidays.

The anxiety and grief will literally overtake some. Suicidal thoughts will embrace the minds of some others. Brokenheartedness will be unbearable to many. Yes, in the midst of our jingling bells and dashing through the snow, the holidays will be very difficult in many homes.

For those of us who have hearts and minds prepared to enjoy the holiday season, those who are very fortunate to be experiencing the "fullness" of this time, please pause for a moment to remember those who will face these days with emptiness and hardship. They will have no friends or family to share the days with. They won't have any money. They won't have gifts. No Santa.They won't have hope. They may not be unknown faces. They may be neighbors, relatives or friends.

Could you make time to give them a call or stop by to visit? Can you spare and share a few dollars? Give special words of encouragement to the ones who feel they have nothing to look forward to? Perhaps, you could include someone or a family in some of your plans? People with empty shelves, empty tables, no tree, no presents and empty arms, could you give some food, a gift, a hug, some love?

I imagine that most of us are feeling the elation about the holidays ahead. Christmas and New Year's Day bring with it so much happiness and optimism. With Thanksgiving having just passed, we're still experiencing the mood of celebration, feeling joyous accord with the days ahead. Our attitudes are spirited, we're feeling confident and capable of letting go of the old, excited about the opportunities before us. Because we may not be the one who is in crisis, this is, indeed, just one more reason to celebrate. However, I know that by reaching out to touch just one individual's life, you will be making an important and valuable difference through your blessedness. You could make someone's holiday very special and the most memorable one ever, for both of you.