Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yep, it's here! Ready or not, the New Year has begun! If you are like most of us, we've spent a great deal of time reflecting on the things we want in the year ahead. Aspirations, dreams, hopes and plans loom large in our thinking, but therein lies an all-important question: do you have an ACTION PLAN to make it happen? Getting results isn't always simple, depending on what your goal is, but most achievers will tell you that YOU MUST take ACTION!

Here are a few thoughts to help kick things into gear:

1. “A” Have an "A+" mindset! ATTITUDE + ACTION = ACQUISITION!

Will you need a positive attitude? Of Course. Will you need to be optimistic? Definitely. Will you need to believe in yourself? Without question. Will you need to do everything in your power to make it happen? Yes, you will, and then some. Will you get there? CERTAINLY! Most people who don't reach their goals have stopped believing they will, and have stopped trying to make it happen.

2. “C” CHOOSE to avoid the negative and CONCENTRATE on the positive!

Here is a simple analogy for you: in your mind's eye you can see two cars. One is a beat-up jalopy. The other is your beautiful, brand new dream car. In this visual, why would it make sense for you to keep your focus on the beat-up jalopy? What would be the reason that you would be drooling over it as your heart's desire? Makes no sense to do that, right? On the other hand, seeing that beautiful new car causes you to smile, feel a few palpitations, huh? Yeah, that's the "feel good" car. That's the one to concentrate on, the one that makes you feel on top on the world! That's the way it works with negative thinking versus positive thinking. You have to remember to adjust your thoughts accordingly.

3. “T” TAKE yourself seriously and you will TAKE yourself to the next level!

O.K. This is simple, too. Make up your mind to get what you deserve to get out of life. It is a serious misconception that certain "good things" only come to certain people. Anything is possible for anyone who is willing to go after it.

4. “I” IDENTIFY the exact directions you want to take!

I took a short road trip a couple of days ago, and did a Mapquest to be sure I would get where I was headed. If I had not done that, chances are I would not have arrived as conveniently or as efficiently as I did. The map had about ten specific instructions that I had to follow to get to my destination, and I followed them closely. Plans and goals often work in the same way. Get directions. Sometimes they may have to be altered because of "road conditions", but if you keep going, even in an alternate "direction", you are likely to arrive at your goal in due time.

5. “O” Make an ONGOING effort to stay ON track!

I kept looking at my Mapquest directions to see if I was still on track, to be sure I had not missed a sign or a turn. As I reviewed it, I began to memorize the directions so that I had them locked in my mind. As I traveled on further, I felt very confident knowing that now I only had to keep looking for the right signs to continue on my trip. I knew where I was going, even though I had not traveled the specific course before. I had an idea locked into my thinking that assured me that I was going in the right direction, stayed on track, and got there.

6. “N” NEVER stop trying! Let NOTHING stop you!

I suppose I could have decided that I was tired of driving, but I wouldn't have gotten to my destination. I could have decided that I had driven far enough, but I wouldn't have gotten where I wanted to go. I could have gotten a flat tire or had some other type of car trouble, and needed to address that. I could have run out of gas, and needed to get help to get refueled. Get the point? There are so many reasons that any of us could fail to arrive at a goal, but all of them are not reasons that should prevent us from getting to it. We have to become better at being willing to "fix" the problem so that we can proceed. If it's fixable, then it's likely that what you want is still do-able. Fix it and keep going!

It's 2010, an opportunity for a new start, a new chart, and a new reason to reach every DESTINATION. This is YOUR year! You're GOING PLACES! Ready? Take some ACTION and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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