Monday, February 1, 2010


Do You Have

The word SUPERVISION means "a critical watching and directing of activities, or course of action." Let's "see" what we can learn from that:

The human eye has this incredible ability to focus, observe and gather information and see objects that are at great distances away. You probably don't think much about that when you gaze at beautiful sunsets, look awe-filled at the clouds in a bright blue sky, or see a plane soaring above you, but at that moment you are literally seeing objects that are thousands of feet in the distance, and literally millions of miles away. Anyone would agree that it is certainly a type of "super-VISION" that we possess.

Wouldn't be wonderful if it was as simple as that to focus on the needs of our organizations and its people, to observe and gather data and information that would quickly bring into view right strategies, plans and goals? Well, "seeing" isn't quite so simple when you're managing people, but nonetheless, it does require extraordinary SUPERVISION, a combination of keen insight, intellect and instinct to do the job well: Insight that helps you see a problem, analyze it, weigh the solutions and then KNOW WHAT TO DO. Intellect that comes from either education or experience or both, that TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. Then, there's Instinct, a kind of JUST KNOWING WHAT TO DO.

The manager who operates without these keen insights into the needs of the people who contribute significantly to his or her success, or who misses the opportunity to exercise his or her experience and education to enhance the development of the organization's employees, or the manager who fails to realize that quick instincts are an ability that favorably impacts change and progress, may have a case of "blurred vision". Just managing, wielding power or believing that leadership is pushing people around is far from sharp focus on great supervision, or "seeing" the best practices for maneuvering a team.

SUPER-VISION is the ability to see people up-close AND at a distance, a critical watching and directing of the activities and courses of action that you manage and influence each day. Good managers and supervisors constantly "adjust their lenses" to see better, striving to see things in a new way, and in a better light. They are constantly focusing on better strategies to get through daily challenges and crisis at work. They can see the necessity and benefit of positive change, and most of all, they can see how employees can work WITH them and not just FOR them. These managers excel, because they see the people they manage as the valuable human resources that they are.


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