Monday, March 22, 2010

IN YOUR BUSINESS Solving Workplace Worries


Effectively leading, and managing are the two ideal components for those who are at the forefront of work teams. As a Leader-Manager, you want to gain the REGARD and RESPECT of those you lead, so they will receptively follow. You also want the important RESULTS necessary for OPTIMUM work output.

Getting these results will greatly depend on constantly assessing and developing both your leadership and management skills, and understanding the special role they play in an employee's performance. Combined, your ability and implementation of important Leader-Manager skills will encourage the most productive results from your employees, and will often assure better overall productivity for the organization as well.

Here a few tips for the successful Leader- Manager:

1. The manager who PLANS is wise; he CONSIDERS
ALL of his steps. Think, plan and see the WIN-WIN from the start.

2. The manager who operates in INTEGRITY will manage with CONFIDENCE.
Strong values are important for gaining respect and giving respect.

3. Without
GOOD leadership, FAILURE will follow. Sloppy managing gets sloppy results. No brainer.

4. If you SEEK the good in others, you will FIND it.
Some employees need a little more TLC: Tender Leadership Care. As a Leader-Manager, part of your responsibility is to help to bring out the best in them.

5. A GOOD boss FINDS favor with his boss. You may have a Leader-Manager superior, too. It is good to remember that you're on the same team.

6. A manager who LACKS INITIATIVE has nothing to show for his efforts; but a DILIGENT manager will ALWAYS have the DESIRED RESULTS. Laziness begets low morale and effort. A Leader-Manager who stays on top of things gets the team to get things done, and this increases morale.

7. An UNDERSTANDING manager GAINS the CONFIDENCE of his employees. Everyone doesn't think exactly like you. Show compassion and have a good listening ear.

8. A manager who DISCIPLINES with QUICK DISCRETION rarely has to REPEAT himself.
You don't have to mean to be effective. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, but do it with professionalism, not just with your power.

9. It is NOT GOOD to show PARTIALITY toward employees; FAIRNESS CREATES PERFECT JUDGMENT. We sometimes have a tendency, or favor toward certain individuals, but if we choose them for specific tasks, let it be because they were the most qualified, or because you knew they would get the best results. Otherwise, it's like asking a cat to fly, thinking it will, which is a really bad judgment.

10. The timing of positive words is always PERFECT. Praising your employees WORKS wonders! If possible, create special incentives, give awards for good work, say "You did a great job with that!". In an employee's eyes, there isn't anything more PERFECT you could say.

Remember, embracing a dynamic Leader-Manager skill-set will fortify your effectiveness as you guide your people to optimum performance and your business to a lucrative bottom line. Simply managing will get you from A to Z. Leadership is the art of wisely guiding them there.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Back in the Bible days, when serious laws were violated, punishment was
executed SWIFTLY and MERCILESSLY. To name a few, people were stoned to death, or wrapped and tied up in leather sacks, then put out in the sun to dry up like a prune. Others had their eyes poked out as punishment for particular crimes, some got their fingers and hands cut off for stealing and such. I often wonder if punishment for crimes in this current day was more feared, fast and dreaded, perhaps there would be a lot less offenders? I'm so appalled and frustrated over all of the consideration, leniency and freedom given to serious offenders.
I'm just sayin', there ought to be a law that scares them to death.


Whenever I hear about poll numbers now, I find myself tilting my head, my forehead furrowing, and my mouth doing this strange pucker. I am trying to figure out who are these people who are representing what I do, think and say? "When Americans were polled, 53% said...", "when polled 16% of Americans agree that...", "87% of Americans believe...". NO ONE has ever asked me about any poll question that I hear about. I've been around long enough that somebody should have asked me something by now. You, neither? Then why is this stuff considered the holy truth? It shouldn't be. I'm just sayin', THAT'S MY PUBLIC OPINION!


In the famous words of Forrest Gump, "that's all I'VE got to say about that."

HEALTH CARE REFORM: The Doctor Will Be With You Shortly.
I watched the Health Care Summit last week, just ab
out every minute of it. It was interesting to get a peek at that process. Regardless of all of the arguments, regardless of the numbers, I just believe that somehow these smart men and women will make this work without risk of killing the country's future goals. Enough is enough, guys. Just stop the political poo-poo and make it happen. I'm just sayin'...WHEW. Some people are sick, and some are sick and tired of waiting.