Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Looking For a Real Level of Success?

Still trying to make that climb to success? You say that all of this POSITIVE ATTITUDE stuff just ain't producing for you? You planned and your plans failed anyway? You started out enthusiastically, but within only a short time your enthusiasm has turned to sighs of struggle? You're getting tired of people stepping on you and over you to get where they want to go? Busted and disgusted now, you're not feeling good about yourself because of it all?

Well, that's the DOWN SIDE of things. ENOUGH OF THAT! Hang on! Most things in life just won't come easy. We have to put forth A LOT of effort, in more ways than one. It is not always simple.

Success happens to us for a combination of reasons. Rarely is it spontaneous. There are usually MANY steps to take before you get there. Move SURE AND STEADY. As desirable as quick results are, you DO NOT always have to hurry. Remember, it was the tortoise that won the race. You will get there. It has taken many years for some companies and individuals to achieve their successes. They would tell that it was patience, not speed, that got them there.

In a poem by William Arthur Ward, "A BLUEPRINT FOR ACHIEVEMENT", he conveys a very positive message that goes something like this: "BELIEVE instead of doubting. PLAN instead of playing. STUDY instead of sleeping. DECIDE and PREPARE instead of delaying. BEGIN instead of procrastinating. WORK instead of wishing. LISTEN while others talk. SMILE instead of pouting. COMMEND instead of criticizing. PERSIST instead of quitting."

Often we want to skip, jump and run to get to our goals. We can't skip the "natural "process. We can't jump over the "normal" steps that it takes to get to the finish line. We can't run without having prepared for the race. Real life doesn't work that way. That's only in the movies. If you really want to do something great then you will have to follow a REAL process. That's how YOU MUST do it if you want to achieve REAL success. You can do it. That's the UP SIDE, and that's the LEVEL where all of the serious ACHIEVERS are doing their thing.