Sunday, September 19, 2010



God bless America, please!

Help our government leaders to find common ground.

Help them to use common sense and insight, and cause them to use an even grander wisdom in finding solutions to our country's difficulties and challenges.

Let them be reminded that their decisions must be made with the greater good of all the people in mind, and not just for the sake of a political party win.

Help them to see that many of us are hoping to see a harmonious effort to impact and change conditions and circumstances that involve so many. Help them see that their arguments and personal agitations only create more uncertainty and angst.

God bless America, please!

Help our government to instill a new and enduring confidence in us through cooperative achievement of goals that make life better for everybody.

Help our government improve the components of our society that build and strengthen our great foundation.

Help them to embrace a collective consciousness for establishing the best criteria for moving this nation forward.

Help our Leaders know that some of your greatest work is done through the heads, hearts and hands of men and women in chosen places such as theirs.

Bless these Leaders to use the knowledge and ability you gave them to structure a framework that is never again easily shaken.

Help these Leaders to overcome their differences by reminding them that a house divided cannot stand. Let our country be the WORLD'S PATTERN for GREATNESS, SOLIDITY and STRENGTH.

Give Americans the Spirit and steadfastness to continue to pray and believe that in spite of all the hardships, we can still look forward to the things that make life easier and enjoyable.

God bless America, please!

I'm praying. I'm just sayin' seems like the right thing to do.