Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Fight? Because you can WIN, if you STAY IN THE RING
  by Silver Rae Fox
These are all true stories. The names have been changed.
Ricky was by all descriptions, a thug. It was the the life he wanted and the only life he knew. Everbody in his family were thugs, too. Hustling and pimping was his game. Street life was how he survived, until one day he committed an unthinkable crime that sent him to prison for many years, but it was just enough time to re-think life.

Ricky knew that the biggest battle he had to fight now was in his own mind and choices. When he got out of prison, he changed his direction. A compassionate employer gave him an opportunity to work for his business, starting at the lowest end of the totem pole, requiring that Ricky basically do very menial tasks. It seemed to be a "dead end" situation as jobs go. But Ricky had decided to be faithful and dedicated to the only company that took a chance on him. Over the years, he made the climb up the ladder, became the top salesperson and ultimately, the sales manager for his company. Not only that, but he became a model of success to his family and friends.

Josie was beaten and battered beyond recognition by her boyfriend more times than she can count over an eight year period. Her life was a living hell. She couldn't see how it could ever end, but one day she found an inkling of courage when her boyfriend left home to go get cigarettes at the corner store. With the little time she had, she threw everything she could into a garbage bag, and called a taxi to meet her at a gas station two blocks away.

She left that night, running so fast down the street that she lost one of her shoes. For a split second she looked back at the shoe. She had lost her front teeth, her self-esteem and too many years of life in a bad situation, so she didn't go back for her shoe. With the help of friends, Josie went on to a new town, found a new job and a brand new life.

Kris recently had what was a standard surgery procedure, in most cases. However, when she went home several days after the surgery, she became unusually weak. In fact, she said that she felt like she was dying. The truth is, she was. In her emergency return to the hospital, doctors discovered that toxins had filled her bloodstream and, indeed, she was close to death's door. Things quickly went from bad to worse, as Kris was put on twenty-four hour watch in intensive care, living and breathing only by life-support equipment. The hospital minister stood in waiting to tell the family of her fate.

That was then, and this is now: Kris is a beautiful, vibrant, enthusiastic 43 year-old example of what faith can do and what fighting for your life is all about. She is back at work, happy and excited to be alive and so well. She said that she constantly whispered prayers to God with the little strength she had, and those prayers were answered supernaturally. Even the doctors say that her "comeback" is hard to believe.

Brenda was living the good life. She had married a wealthy, successful doctor, living in a dream home and rubbing shoulders with the elite in high society circles. However, while she had the "good life", she didn't have a good marriage. It ended abruptly when her husband fell in love with another woman, and kicked her out. With no pre-nup, no money, no direction and no plan, Brenda was at an all-time low. Her husband gave her nothing, not even her car.

Brenda had no idea how she would build a new life for herself, she just knew that she wasn't a quitter. In her own words, she says "it's not in me to stay down. I'll figure it out." She borrowed money from friends and found a cheap apartment. She couldn't afford to get the electricity turned on, so she lived by candlelight for weeks until she was able to earn her first paycheck. She rode a bike to work until she could buy a car.

With all that had gone wrong, Brenda knew she had one thing on her side. She had great people skills and managed to win a sales position with a big global company. She diligently worked her way up swiftly, becoming the number-two ranking salesperson in the entire country in just a few years.

Belinda had looked for love in all the wrong places all of her life. Always making poor choices, she was the victim of heartbreak and broken relationships time and time again. She was smart, but not when it came to falling in love. Sensitive and gullible, men always took advantage of her kind spirit and generosity.

She was strong, too, but never strong enough to leave a bad relationship. She just wanted to be loved, badly. Finally, devastated after a divorce, and while still healing, a man walked into her life who wanted love as much as she did, and as unconditionally. They got married a year and half later, and neither of them ever imagined that life could be as happy as it is for them now.

What do all of these stories have in common? They are stories of people who were faced with odds, challenges, dilemmas and difficulties. They are stories of people who despite what life had dealt them, they decided not to throw in the towel. These are stories of people who knew that if they didn't give up, maybe somehow things would turn around for them. These are stories of people who decided to believe, to battle, to get up and fight back.

The truth is, we won't always know how we are going to find the strength to fight. We don't always know what it is going to take to keep standing. We don't always know how we will win when life is throwing hard blows and punches our way, or how we will tolerate the hurt, pain and uncertainties. But, there is one thing we can learn and know from all of the people who have found the faith and fortitude to swing back: YOU CAN WIN, IF YOU STAY IN THE RING. These are all stories of people who did just that, and they won.

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