Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It’s your year to soar! Yes, it’s time to disconnect the ball-and-chain that’s holding you down and take off in the direction of your greatest hopes and aspirations! It’s time to drop “dead-weight” thinking and turn your thoughts toward everything you’ve dared to imagine you can become. It’s time to find your wings and take off into a glorious New Year with a positive attitude, outlook and determination. Ready to fly? 

What?! You say, “Not yet!” 

Well, here’s what you do: ask yourself, “What’s been stopping me from forging ahead in the direction of my dreams and goals?” Those answers will be revealing, if you’re honest about it. You’re scared. You’re unsure of yourself. You don’t have enough money. It’s not the right time. It’s too late. It was my dream back THEN. I’m too old. I have to wait until the kids grow up. I can’t get the help and support I need. People will think I’m crazy. 

All of those responses may sound “true”, but are they really? Of course, I don’t know enough about your life to say if those are true answers or not, but I can say that there is a possibility that they may not be as accurate as you think. The truth is that none of those things have stopped some of the most successful people around from realizing their goals and dreams. They THOUGHT beyond their fears. They THOUGHT beyond their insecurities. They THOUGHT beyond their current “shaky” financial situations. They THOUGHT beyond waiting for “perfect timing” as the most important factor.  They THOUGHT beyond accepting that it’s “too late” and courageously embraced the power of “now”.  They THOUGHT beyond holding onto hesitancies of reviving a goal, thinking they were too old, waiting for the kids to grow up, waiting for help, and worrying that people around them would view them as crazy. You see, the thinking that talks you out of doing what you want to do is a “ball-and-chain mentality”. It keeps you from moving ahead with any vigor, confidence or faith. As a result, you do nothing. You accomplish nothing. Nothing happens, at least not until you break the chains.

Next, DECIDE to break free. Give yourself permission to take a step in the direction of reaching your highest hopes. Allow yourself to begin moving in the direction of your future’s highest ideals and greatest “transformation”.  Write down what you will look like, what your dream fulfilled will look like, what your aspirations when realized will look like. See it, not just in your mind’s eye, but in your heart. Wherever it is that you want to be in life and whatever it is you want to become, see yourself there now. Be determined to change that ball-and-chain mentality into a “butterfly” mentality.  that is getting in the way of your best vision for yourself. You know, it’s intrinsically ingrained in a caterpillar to transform into a butterfly, and I believe it’s intrinsically ingrained in you to soar, too. You have to believe and act on it. It starts with you; even with the tiniest of little steps you will begin your “lift-off” into an inspiring flight.

Lastly, you may not know every right answer as you do your soul-searching introspection about your future plans, but I can tell you that the negative self-talk that prevails in your thinking right now is definitely giving you the wrong ones. Shut down that thinking today. Break those horrible, dead weight balls and chains of unbelief off your mind. And, whatever you do, don’t permit yourself to hesitate just because everything isn’t absolutely crystal clear just yet.  I want you to remember this: the ability to soar doesn’t come because you know all of the answers about how to fly. Ultimately, you soar because you believed that somehow you would. It’s time. Right now. Stop worrying. Stop wondering. Stop waiting. Start flying. It’s your year to soar!


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