Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY: "Do It Yourself" Miracles

Miracles happen. Yes, they do. Do you believe you can create your own miracles? Well, you can. The key to the miraculous is understanding a few different trains of thought:
  • A miracle is a God-production.
  • A miracle is a self-production.
  • There are miracles of the "moment".

The miracles that are "God-productions" are supernatural. They happen without human interaction or assistance. In fact, these kinds of miracles defy human logic, effort and understanding. They are uniquely a Divine occurrence that is recognized as having no other possible origin than God.

"Self-production" miracles are different. These miracles originate in us as desires, dreams and goals. They require preparation, planning, pursuit, effort and work. They happen because we apply a strategic design to the process made up of our logical and practical approaches to success and principles that are built on faith, patience and our human will. Our successes and accomplishments are seen and experienced as "miraculous results" when they happen.

Miracles of the "moment" are some of the real attention-getters. These are the daily divine influences and interactions that can occur in the normal activities, routines and happenings every day:
  • Something seems "coincidental". 
  • In an unusual way paths cross unexpectedly, but you realize there is a purpose for it. 
  • A thought crosses your mind, an inclination to do something.
  • You see something that triggers a thought or action.
  • You're "in the right place at the right time."
  • You know that something is occurring because it's "meant to be."
  • You know that you hear or see something that is "help" or guidance for you. 
These and many other divine influences and inclinations are often the very first step toward a miraculous happening. Our job is to pay attention and react, being careful to not just blow them off as a quirky thought or happening. They are miracles in the making.

Miracles do happen, and you can create your own. Be open to the possibilities. Be ready to move in the moment. Be ready to roll-up your sleeves, because creating your miracles will more than likely require some time, faith, action and effort. The good news is that you will get your miracles. And, yes, more often than not you will have to work at it a lot harder than God does.

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