Sunday, July 14, 2013

I've Got "BEST" Wishes For YOU!

You see yourself from every "angle". You know your good points. You know your bad ones. You know what you would like to better at. You know what you want to improve in your life. Chances are you want the best . You can have it. It's likely you want to be your best. You can. 

Most of us are always in a growing mode. Because of that, there are reasons for which we must remember to keep shedding our old leaves and focus whole-heartedly on growing beautiful, healthy new ones.  It requires continually nurturing ourselves, and when we do, we become strong and we flourish. We become our best selves. To experience positive self-growth and change, those are the reasons.

Here's a few tips on getting there:

"B" is for BEGIN Begin today to praise yourself for every single thing you have ever done well. When you really BEGIN to think about it, that list will probably be pretty long. Remember every compliment, every good grade, every time you accomplished even a little thing. This exercise will have you feeling your best in no time.  

 "E" is for ENTHUSIASM. I can remember years ago when I read Norman Vincent Peale's book "Enthusiasm Makes the Difference". The message was powerful for me, and I took it took heart and put it to practice. Being enthusiastic means you turn up the volume on yourself, your personality and your life. It means shining brighter. It means smiling more. It means being happy on purpose. Being enthusiastic took me from being a "good" person to the best person I could be. It can do the same for you.

"S" is for STRIVE.  Strive to be your best. I know there is nothing original about that phrase, but the truth is you really do have to strive for it. It won't just happen. It doesn't just happen. It happens because you put the work in on yourself. You become what you strive to become, whatever that choice may be. 

Challenge yourself. Challenge your thinking. Fight your fears. Push past what seem like limitations. In other words, STRIVE. The best "you" shows up when you do.

"T" is for TRUST. Trust is a critical element in self-confidence.Trusting yourself, trusting your decisions, trusting your gifts and talents, trusting in your efforts to grow, develop, plan and pursue the best things in life are important for any and all of us. 

When we are indecisive, insecure and inconsistent, it takes away from our ability to be proactive and confident. Have faith in yourself. Trust that you will handle life well, regardless of the outcomes. You're at your best when you can trust yourself to be the captain of your ship. You're at your best when you know you can trust yourself to confidently ride with the tide.

If it's what you need, I'm wishing you a new BEGINNING. BEGIN NOW.  

I'm wishing you ENTHUSIASM that will make a difference in YOUR life. Don't be afraid to shine more.  

I'm wishing you the wisdom and the will to STRIVE for what you want. Put the work in. There is more ahead for you. 

I'm wishing you the TRUST to move forward confidently with life and the things that are important to you. No more doubting. Believe in yourself. 

I'm wishing that you become the BEST "YOU"  you can be. Look within. It's already in YOU, so flourish!

~ S.R.F. 

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