Saturday, March 29, 2014


Having a Valley Experience? Get Up and Dust Off

Life Indeed Brings Challenges 
Challenges. Sometimes we triumph over them with the greatest of ease. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we find ourselves in places of great disappointment, desperation and despair because of them. When that  happens, those emotional valleys can put us in a place of pause in our lives, and once we are there it can be hard to get out.

Everyone who has been there knows that a conscious awakening is the first step toward getting up and getting out. 

 Sound the "Alarm"
I've already positioned certain trusted individuals in my life to sound an alarm if they ever see me in a crazy emotional place. I've given them permission to verbally chastise me to a place of reason. I've told them to shake me and see if that aids in bringing me to my senses. I've told them that if none of that works, as a last resort give me a quick "snap the hell out of it" slap in the face. I'm telling you the truth, because If I can't do it myself, I want someone to help me "wake up" to the hard realities. Honestly, however, I hope it never gets to slapping part.

The point is, that there are times when we need to have an alarm going off from somewhere, pitching very loudly, particularly if our own internal alarms are broken. It's great if you are able to recognize your own valleys and ruts, and quickly send an alarm that says "Time to get up and get out of there", and make haste to do it. If not, get some other "alarms" in place that will blast loudly, get you up and help you start making your way back up.

Shake Yourself, Yourself
When you have been lying in a bed of discouragement or disappointment, most of your emotional fortitude has become latent. You may have to "shake yourself" by  reminding yourself of the energy and enthusiasm you once had. Let those thoughts kick into gear. Let those visions get you moving and shaking again. When you begin to vision the actions and activities that once stimulated and excited you most, you will probably find yourself saying,  "Geez, that was ME having all that fun." Well, the fun did not necessarily stop, you did. Shake yourself and get back to it.

Dusting Off
It's hard to look handsome or pretty and prepared for the world with "dust" all over you. Get out of that dusty valley. Clean up your thinking. Don't dwell on your "dusty" experience. Don't dwell on a "dusty" past. Don't dwell on "dusty" thoughts. Make up your mind that you are going to give yourself a real good dusting off. Make up your mind that  you're headed into the next moments, days, weeks and even years with a squeaky clear perspective that the best of your life is still ahead!

They don't call me "THE FOX" for nothing. ~ S.R.F. 

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