Monday, December 15, 2014


        You'll Get There

There is a lot of road construction going on here in Houston. It causes congestion, delays, unfortunate accidents, and a whole lot of fits of frustration. Strangely enough, it's actually pretty exciting when you can travel across this big town without encountering any travel drama. Houston is about 600 square miles in size, so for some folks getting from anywhere to "there" in this city can be a hair-pulling, horn-honking, cussy-fussy experience, to say the least. 

Whenever I am in one of those traffic "situations", particularly when I'm supposed to cruising at 65 mph but only barely creeping along at 30, I often find myself wanting to exit off the freeway to take a different route. I literally have to fight the temptation not to. I've done it before, and time after time only to find myself in another "situation", delayed if not stuck again on my second route to my destination. I get where I'm going, of course, but it wasn't necessarily any faster, and definitely not as efficiently as the original route would have been. Detours are sometimes essential, but the best plan and route has always been when I remain patient, stay on track, and when I battle my crazy temptation to go another way.

What's The Hold Up, Anyway? 
Well, by now you know I'm really talking about life, too. We do the same thing when it comes to our daily journeys and plans. We get frustrated and challenged with wanting to get to our goals and destinations "another way" if things aren't moving in a way that is easy and fast. Get there easy. Get there fast. Get there another way if you have to. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it just doesn't. I can say this because I've been there, done that, handling life like a traffic "situation", eager to move on faster during times when I felt stuck. "What's the hold up? Let's keep it moving. Find another way."  Is that you, too? 

NO Backing Up
Making a choice to take another route since there seemed to be a problem with the original one does not often give remedy to things. It sounds like a good plan at the time, but not only  have I discovered that the choice to go another route was not a more efficient way, it was the WRONG WAY.  Then, you know what happens? NO backing up. NO quick shifting and I was well on my way. Nope, sometimes those route changes in life have you so backed up in life's traffic that all you can say is "how long will I be stuck here now? I was just trying to get where I wanted to go faster. Now, I can't tell when things are going to be moving smoothly again." Yes, I've said that, been there and hated it.

Keep Your Eyes On Where You're Headed
The moral to all this quipping is, keep your eyes on the destination. Don't be so frustrated by delays, and distracted by the "roads under construction" in your life. It's all a part of getting to wherever you are headed. Life's traffic isn't always smooth moving, but if you stay on the best course, the one you believe is the best route to get there, you'll arrive and you'll arrive successfully, and my guess is you'll be right on time.  ~S.R.F.

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