Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Stay In the Ring!

Some things in life come with unexpected, very tough blows. When those tragedies happen and unforeseen trials come, it can rock our entire world. You can feel hopeless and defeated. It's never easy, but I have found that the only way to win is to not let discouragement and despair take over. That, in itself, is truly the biggest fight of all. How do you beat down these foes, you ask? You've heard it time and time again, and I'll say it again: we must never give up. As hard as it seems, if you fight back, somehow, some way, you can win.

Let's start here. You ready? Put on your fighting gloves. Here are a few strategies for FIGHTING BACK:
  • It's YOUR fight. Try to catch your breath. Deal with the pain. Patch yourself up. Whine, cry, fuss, cuss, throw a fit, and then get yourself mentally ready to come up with a fighting plan. Whatever you do, remember that giving up isn't a plan. It's quitting. Don't give in. Don't give up. 
  • You can conquer it. This doesn't mean that every problem disappears with a swift knockout punch. Some do. Some don't. Conquering means that you managed to keep your footing in spite of what happened. It means that you fought off discouragement, failure and defeat. You didn't let the challenge consume your ability to move forward in life. 
  • A little "fight" can go a long way. I can remember one of my lowest points in life. I could barely think a moment past the pain and difficulty. It felt like more than I could ever bear, but somehow I told myself that I could do it. I had to dig real deep, but I found an inkling, and I do mean just an inkling of strength. I told myself not to think about tomorrow, or next week, or next year, or anytime futuristic. I told myself to just think about right now, this moment and this second. It was a long journey, but one second went into another. Those seconds turned into minutes, those minutes into hours and days and weeks and years. I survived because I fought little by little to get back into life. You can, too. Fight little by little if you have to. Ultimately, you will win if you stay in the ring. ~ S.R.F.
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