Monday, August 15, 2016


Where Is Life Taking Me?

Have you ever asked yourself "Where is life taking me?" It's a darn good question, particularly when the pathway gets clouded with disturbances, distractions and detours. We wonder where we're going, where we are, and how did I get "here". If only there were simple answers, I would gladly share them with you. What I do know is this: we can look for the nearest pathway that will help us get back on the road to "somewhere" that makes sense.

Sometimes when I have found myself off track, I wanted to take the "expressway" to a better place fast. But, there was no expressway. In fact, there was no easy access to where I wanted to go and where I desired to be. Whatever caused my "detour", put me in the midst of roads that were under construction or places where I now had to take a longer, less smooth thoroughfare. Ugly, rocky roads are no fun, especially when you didn't anticipate that part of the journey. I've done a lot of cross-country driving, and so I've learned that to be true in life and on actual roads. Whenever I discovered I was in uncomfortable spots, I was forced to slow down and watch the signs very carefully until I was on smooth, safe highway again.

Life requires we do just that when our "roads" seem to be taking us somewhere, but nowhere. You may have to slow your speed, but keep the pedal close to the metal anyway. Watch the "signs". Pay attention to the directions that say "re-route". Know your "destination" is still somewhere ahead, even though you had to map it out differently. Then, the next time that life seems to put you on an unusual or unexpected path, and the question that comes to mind is "Where is life taking me?", encourage yourself with this answer: "It's taking me wherever I want to go"!