Saturday, October 15, 2016

Are you PAYING attention?

Paying Attention to What?

You've heard it said before, "You live and you learn." When I think back over the years of my life, I really wish I had paid more attention to so many things. I didn't always learn my lesson from the mistakes I made. I made some of them over and over again and again, and it was costly. I was living, I was learning, but I wasn't always paying attention to the most significant parts of the lesson.

Life is always offering up information, ideas, concepts, guidance, inspirations and yes, many life lessons for us. It's so true. I've learned the hard way that the price you pay for them can be high. I can say I'm really rich with understanding about so many things now, however building up that "bank" of wisdom came with some very pricey deposits.

Change, for instance. Something happens and life changes suddenly. Our first response may be frustration, resistance, anger and fear. In the midst of that cloudy mindset and those overwhelming emotions, we can miss that the change may be the bridge to something bigger and better for us, something greater. The tendency is "fight or flight" and I took flight a many times. You know what? I overlooked some important opportunities because of that. If I had paid better attention, attention to what I could or should learn in the midst of the change, perhaps the gains may have been bankable, the tangible kind of bankable.

I pay lots more attention now to everything. I evaluate my own thinking. I evaluate my actions. I evaluate possible outcomes. While I love wisdom, one valuable lesson I've learned is that it doesn't always have to come with such a high price, like falling, failure and being your own worst enemy. Yes, you live and you learn. I've learned to give many things the attention they need at the start, and I assure the lessons are still rich, but the price you pay is much cheaper when you do. ~ S.R.F.

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