Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's The New Year! Are You Ready?

Ready! Re-DO! Reset!

Ready or not, here it is! Another New Year has rolled in! It didn't catch us by surprise though, did it? We've been thinking over a few things that we would like to see happen in 2017 and beyond, right? 

Many people make resolutions, whether we call it that or not. The new year usually will inspire thoughts of looking ahead to the things that will make life better and more fulfilling. So, in response to all the talk about "out with the old, in with the new" stuff, we reflect on the things we may want to "re-do" or reset. The New Year is a paradigm for change, and opportunity to challenge ourselves to continue transforming our lives and growing into our best selves:

See your potential. It's in your head. It's in your heart. The "new" change you want to make. The "new" thing you want to do. The "new" direction you want to take. You can do it. If it's in your head and heart, that's the first indication that you're ready. Now, it's in your hands to start the process.

Remember, the old way may not work. Maybe you tried something and quit last year. Maybe you quit because a different plan could possibly have worked better for you? Try again, and consider a different strategy, a "re-do" of your way of getting to your ideal results. This time, perhaps, using a new plan better suited to your comfort levels, and your life.

Reset daily. There are at least 365 opportunities to "reset" your mindset on the goal. Everyday, start your process with a new attitude about it. Yesterday was yesterday. Today requires new energy and new focus. When you hit your own reset button, it means you're intending to start with fresh eyes on the goal each day, a fresh consciousness as you proceed toward it, and fresh feelings of inspiration about achieving it. If you were tired, frustrated or disappointed yesterday, start "new" today, tomorrow and again, and again. Each day you can! 
~ S.R.F.