Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Sun Is Shining Somewhere

Let the Sunshine In

I won't make it sound like cloudy days are easy to get through. Sometimes they are not. When we feel gloomy, for whatever reason, it can be hard to shake.

Life is like that, it's a matter of fact. Some days are wonderful, and some days suck. Things may not seem like they're going your way. You may be lonely. You may be in a crisis, or in grief. Whatever the cause, there is also a remedy, and it's within ourselves.

I've learned that I have to take responsibility for moving my clouds out of the way. If a situation or circumstance doesn't change, I understand that I have an option to come up with solutions or not. If I don't come up with solutions, nothing changes. Clouds linger. Dreariness looms and there is no opening for the sunshine to peer through. 

However, if I take courage and do what's necessary to move those clouds, the atmosphere in my life changes, often sooner than later. You see, somewhere on the inside of us there is some sunshine, even when it appears there isn't. It's there, above those clouds that we have let dominate our days.

Look within. Push through those clouds, the pain, the hurt, the challenge. When you do, you make room for the sunshine in your mind and heart to come through with some self-love to embrace, a happy, healthy thought or two, or a bright dash of wisdom that breaks through the dimness. Opening your heart to the sunshine can be akin to opening your blinds and curtains after a hard rain. You can see a little light peeking through, but when you open the curtains wide, the sunshine floods in.

I encourage you to not spend another minute under the gloom. Above those dreary thoughts and feelings is a burst of sunshine ready to change how you feel, how you see things and to bring you into many, many brighter days. Let the sunshine in. ~ S.R.F.