Sunday, May 14, 2017

Our "S.O.S." The Need For Help In Times Of Distress

S.O.S.: Something's Outta Sync! Help!

We've all been there. We've all experienced those times when we wanted to scream to the top of our lungs, "somebody, please help me!" The experiences themselves may vary, the the cry for assistance sounds very much the same. Here's what I've learned:

1. "S": Screaming and shouting only works if someone can hear you. SAY what you need! Talk to someone or go to a place that can provide help. If no one hears your pain or cries, no one can show up. But, know this: everyone isn't going to help, or feel compelled to help. Some people could care less. Some people will judge you. Some people will enjoy your pain. Some people will laugh and ridicule you. That's some tough information to absorb, I know, but it's the truth, and it's the very reason that so many people who need help from others will suffer in silence. However, the ones who don't help you don't matter. Someone will. There are a lot of very compassionate people out there who find joy and satisfaction from being a help and comfort to people. Look for them, because they can help bridge the gap from where you are to where you need to be, back on solid ground.

2. "O": Things are going to be OKAY. I know it's hard to believe that when things are out of sync in your life. It may be family matters. It may be your job. It may be money. It may be a diagnosis. It may be heartbreak. It may be just about anything. Here's the deal, though: I'm sure you've heard the saying, "if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger." I'm not one who likes to attach flippant cliches to anything, but this one holds a valuable truth. If we can stop saying "this is killing me" or "I'd rather be dead than go through this" or "this is going to be the death of me," and start saying "SOMEHOW, SOME WAY I am going to be OKAY. I don't have all the answers to it all, but I know I can make it through this, and I AM GOING TO BE OKAY." I can promise you that you will not have all the information or the answers you need when you say this, but the point is you are convincing yourself that regardless of how, when, what, or who comes to your aid, YOU WILL BE OKAY until you really are okay. And, at some point you will be, and you'll be a lot stronger, too.

3. "S": SEEK and you will find. Your mind may try to convince you that there is no way out of your current woes. Unfortunately, that mindset will force you into a negative place that will stymie your ability to do forward thinking or movement. When we are in the midst of our difficulties and challenges the last thing we need to be doing is allowing ourselves to be swallowed up in it. I know how earth shaking some problems are, how devastating situations can become. I know how these things can blind you to reality. Truth is, if we can start SEEKING different information, we can find different solutions to whatever it is we are facing. We have to get up, even when our heart is hurting. We have to move forward, even when the pressure is seeming to crush us up against the wall. We have to seek out positive answers to all of the negativity that seems to unload itself upon us. SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND. If you don't look for what brings help, you won't find it. It takes only a small degree of faith to get you started in the direction you need to go in. You may even get knocked back or down again while you're trying. A setback doesn't mean you should not keep trying. It means you should keep SEEKING until you are where you need to be mentally and emotionally.

Something's outta sync in your life. I get it. I've been there more times than I can count. One thing I can tell you is this: I'm certainly not down for the count. Stay in the ring. Fight it out. Let people that can help you know what it is you need. Tell yourself that you will be okay. Seek out every positive answer and avenue available to you. Hang in there. Help is available when you do these things. You'll see that this is true, and you just may find that there are many wonderful and overwhelming responses to your "S.O.S." ~ S.R.F.