Tuesday, February 5, 2019

That's The Power of Self Love!

Love yourself. There is power in self love.
I can remember many, many years ago when I first heard about the concept of self love. I was in a 20-week personal development program with an instructor whose words of wisdom always landed on me with delight. Among all of the wonderful gems of personal purpose she infused in us, one day she told her bunch eager students to "be your own best friend." I fell in love with the thought of that and pondered it many a day and night. I knew exactly what it meant to be a really good friend to others, so the thought of being that loving, kind and loyal to myself was intriguing.

From that day to this one, I've paid attention to the care I give myself and the nurturing required to feel self-fulfilled. I've learned that there is much strength in self love. I've learned that there is much satisfaction in self love. I've learned that there are powerful internal resources in self love. The more I love myself, the more courageous and fierce I become. 

I'm talking about a critical work within. I'm talking about when we go to the real heart of things within ourselves and love ourselves there, through distress, growth, pain, challenge, change or whatever happens. It's when we are paying so much attention to our personal well-being in all areas of life and making that a primary effort and a priority. It's necessary in order to be our best selves. 

As Valentine's Day rolls around, think about how you can honor yourself with love. Think of ways to make yourself feel the way you would if someone else did everything they knew to do to let you know they loved you. Be that person to yourself. Love you. Self love will change you. Self love will empower you. Self love will enable you. Self love will strengthen you. Self love will erase your fears. Self love will increase your faith. Self love will give you a kind of confidence you could not have imagined. You'll become a force within yourself. That's the power of self love! ~ S.R.F.