Wednesday, March 6, 2019

MOVING ON: 5 Steps to Take to March Forward

Shake-ups are hard, but you're gonna be alright.
Have you ever said to yourself "I've got to move on"? We find ourselves in places in life when it's necessary to pick up the pieces of ourselves or our lives and keep it moving. It's not always easy to do so, but we can:

1. Shake ups are hard and unsettling. When the rug gets pulled from under us, it's shocking. At some point though, we have to face our tough realities and stand up to them. Shake yourself and wake up to what you need to do to get yourself heading to a healthy place mentally, emotionally and positionally. If you can, shake it off and keep going while you're still in the healing process. Things eventually get better.

2. Avoid concentrating on what happened. There is no moving on if you're looking at what is in the rear view mirror. Get a vision of a better place in life and give your all to getting there.

3. Let your trusted friends and family know you're in drive forward mode. Ask them to send you inspiring and motivating quotes, memes, books, etc., and to offer empowering support. Ask them to do positive things with you. Avoid getting caught up in pity-party conversations. Have a real party and celebrate the bright things ahead.

4. When you start to feel down or lonely, have some great music or messages ready that will uplift your spirit. Don't allow yourself to go into that place or down that street. Of course you can make a U-turn if you do, but why waste the time? You're going somewhere and that's the wrong direction to take.

5. Have a "MOVE ON" Plan even if it's an evolving one. Schedule your days, weeks and the months ahead. Map out your progress and make adjustments whenever you need to. If you wake everyday without direction, you'll be going nowhere fast. However, you'll find yourself moving forward fast if you consistently point yourself in the right direction. Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you're in your better place.

Moving on from challenges can be difficult, but you can. It takes time. Have faith in yourself and all the possibilities the future holds for you. Step by step, you'll get closer to them. Trust yourself. March forward. I hope you'll enjoy the journey. ~ S.R.F.