Friday, December 6, 2019


It's time for the great wrap up!
We're headed into two of  the biggest holidays of the year, Christmas and New Year's Day. For so many of us that means "wrapping" things up literally.

If we're gift givers, carefully adorning our special selections for others will consume a bit of our time, as we make sure those gifts are wrapped up in holiday paper and the holiday spirit. Little packages, big packages, and everything in between will more than likely boast of bright, sparkly, brilliantly colored wrapping. It's one of the most fun and festive aspects of the Christmas season for givers and receivers.

And, then, comes the New Year, rocking and rolling in only a week later, to present us with another kind of "wrapping." We find ourselves winding down a bit, however, at the same time perhaps thinking about all of the things we would like to, want to and need to wrap up by December 31st. Planners, resoluters, goal-setters and dreamers, usually find themselves in wrap-up-mode as the day closes in.

Are there things that you need to wrap up? Are there any loose ends that have been lingering way too long? Are there things that you know you need to tie a pretty ribbon on it and give it a farewell kiss goodbye?

Yes, it is that time, again. Wrap up the stuff that needs to be discarded, and discard it. Wrap up and tie up the loose ends and put those things proudly on the "I got that done" shelf. Be determined to happily approach wrapping up and tossing out anything that is not benefitting you, anything that's draining you, anything that's keeping you from being your best you. Everything that's restraining you.

It's a brand New Year. Wrap things up! You'll see, it's an opportunity to unwrap the most dynamic, most brilliant you ever! ~ S.R.F.