Friday, May 8, 2020


Losing everything could be the pathway to finding everything.
Down to nothing.
I've been down to nothing. In fact, more than once. The first time it happened, it felt terrible. I felt like I had truly failed severely. The pain and disappointment lasted a long time, as well as lingering feelings of defeat.

The Awakening.
I eventually awakened to the fact that sometimes we have some hard falls in life, and I happened to be a case of it. Through a lot of reading, praying and self-talk, I realized that even though I felt devastated, it was not the end of the world. After a long while of contemplation and planning again, I got myself together and got moving again. Remaining stagnant, in self-pity and grief is the killer of dreams.

It happened again.
Other times later in life, I realized that there was no need to feel that same kind of defeat, especially since it wasn't my first time proverbially falling on my face. I knew my value. I knew my skills. I knew my worth, so hitting a hard place never could put me in a frame of mind where I felt down and out again. My "fight back" game was tight. I knew how to get up and stand up, and fight harder each time.

That's life.
I began to understand that life is often a series of rising and falling episodes, regardless of who you are or what you do. None of us are immune to the problems we can come face-to-face with in life, business, relationships and other stuff. Although I may have thought that I was the only one who could "fail" so miserably, I was dead wrong. Most everyone I knew was in some kind of challenge as well. We fail. We fall. We falter. We get back up and fight.

Don't buy in.
When you are down to nothing, don't be fooled by the thought that there is nothing you can do, that there's nowhere to go, and that it's all over for you. Not true, unless you buy into those thoughts.There's plenty you can do. You have to get up and go find out what and where it is. It's not over for you, regardless of how grave your issues are. Losing everything can be the pathway for finding everthing you think you've lost and more. I know this. ~ S.R.F.

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