Friday, August 7, 2020


When we see these highpowered athletes moving at record speed along the track, and clearing hurdles with the grace and experience of a skilled dancer, we marvel at such magnificent quests. We rarely stop to think about the time and commitment it took to create such a level of confidence and competence. Is there an everyday message in what we see in them, a message we can learn from in our everyday experiences? You can be sure there is.

Having a commitment to excel when you are trying to accomplish something produces great results. When you keep in mind that your intention is to produce high-quality in your work, in your home life, in your relationships, you can have a rewarding outcome. Athletes don't generally approach their goals with dire results in mind. They have committed themselves to do well, and even if they lose a race or a game. We can often achieve greater accomplishments with this kind of mentality. Living in a constant mindset of commitment to do well can change the game of life for many of us.

You've probably heard this comment stated frequently "if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready." Can you even imagine what it would look like if an unprepared athlete came out of the blocks and headed down a track toward several hurdles on the path to the finish line? It probably would not be as exciting or as enjoyable to watch as an athlete who had put the time and effort into perfecting their ability.

Unpreparedness shows. It shows in our thinking and in our doing. We can't possibly be prepared for every hurdle in life, as many of them "appear" unexpectedly. However, consider the possibility of having a level of thinking that tells you that with time and effort that you can get over the hurdles. Consider the kind of preparation that is laid through a foundation of faith, that gives you the confidence to know that hurdling over obstacles in life is doable. Consider that your own experiences and the experiences of others has "trained" and taught you that you have the mental and emotional skill and competence to lift yourself higher, stretch yourself further, increase your focus, and then journey yourself faith-filled over any hurdles on your path. 

You can't always see a hurdle coming, but these are some of the ways you can be prepared. Everyone faces them. Be committed to getting over them. Be committed to getting past them. Be committed to overcoming them. ~ S.R.F.

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