Saturday, January 2, 2021

Face the New Year with Faith


Life Holds the Unexpected. 
Here's another kicker: It probably won't be the last time something devastating and unexpected happens. We lack the control to maneuver and monitor everything that will occur in our lives. The one element that we can use to our advantage is our faith. Faith says we can get over, through and past the challenges that come our way. How? We don't always know how, but when we move on and move forward by faith, we just know that we can.

Life Holds us Hostage Sometimes.   Often when things happen, we can experience a setback. We can experience what feels like immobilization in our lives. We can feel like we are inbetween a rock and a hard place, and there is no way out. Dark times, dark places and dark feelings come and seemingly put a halt to any efforts to move out of those valleys. 

Again, faith plays the most critical role in getting ourselves free from the bondages of hopelessness. Faith is a courageous act. It tells us that regardless of the terrible experiences we face, facing them with faith will pull us out of it. It may be inch by inch, breath by breath, but faith will help lead us toward freedom. Faith will help us take the handcuffs off of the thinking that holds us back. Faith will challenge the doors that seem closed, the roads that seem blocked, and the clouds that seem to loom. We must practice with emphatic determination this fact:faith is the greatest and most effective approach to dealing with daily life, and the difficulties it can bring us face-to-face with at any juncture.

Life Holds Victory.  Life will have many ups and downs. We will have critical moments when we are unsure about what to do. We will have situations that appear to have no promising answers. However, life keeps moving along, and so must we. We must remember that with all that can and does happen, as hidden as it may be, we can have victory again and again. We must believe that. We must know that. We must fight for that, no matter what the circumstances may present to us that say otherwise. We may lose some battles, but we will always win the war when we allow faith to be our most formidable weapon in life; and we must carry that conviction with us at all times. When we do this, we can always win, and we always do. ~ S.R.F.