Monday, June 21, 2021


Did you start your day by saying this is going to be a happy, wonderful, awesome, amazing, incredible, phenomenal, marvelous and magnificent day? No? Well, I don't use every one of those adjectives daily either, but I do make an attempt to to say what I believe will be a catalyst for carrying me through the day with the right attitude. Does that make things go right? I can say this, it keeps my thinking right, and that seems to attract many happy and marvelous happenings into my day. That's the truth.

I want everything good and wonderful for myself, but I know that if I don't think good and wonderful things, and say that my blessings (plans, goals, etc.) are coming to me, I won't have it. If I get up saying that today sucks and I gripe about everything throughout the day, I can be assured that no good will come of that. I can certainly say that people would not want to hang around such negativity either. Those are risks I dare not take. Understanding that my thoughts and words have creative power is going to guage what I think, do and say.

Are you following where I'm going? Don't be afraid to speak things that are positive. What if your miracle is in the manifestation of your words? Isn't it better to say that something is so even if you find it pretty unbelievable at the moment? It won't work against you like saying, "I want that, but it will never happen." Saying it like that cancels the transaction immediately. If you want something, say it is so. A house? A job? A business? Say it is so. It can happen, but not if you cancel it out with a "it will never happen" attitude. It just won't work.

Get a made up mind that you will stop saying things that don't bless your life or situations. Will things manifest immediately? Some things do, and others take process and time. Believe me, you will like the results better when you choose words that are positive, that speak potential, productivity and possibility. Speak what you want to see and what you want to be. Those negative words can curse and cancel not just the wonderful day you can have, but also the potential for a wonderful life. You want things to be good, don't you? You want a great life, right? Okay, I dare you to say it is so! ~ S.R.F.

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