Friday, September 10, 2021

The Power of Your Thoughts

What are you thinking? What's on your mind? Whatever it is, is it helping or hurting you? What is my point? Let's take a look:

Theory says that our lives go in the direction of our most dominant thinking. The belief is that the way we think contributes immensely to outcomes, incomes, blessings and burdens; to success or lack of it, etc.. What this means is that there is great value or deficit when we pay attention to our thoughts, particularly all decisions and choices, because all decisions and choices ultimately take us somewhere, good or bad.

I think of it like driving a car. Where do you want to go? We usually know where we are headed, and our car drives us where we determined we wanted to end up. We control the direction to that destination. 

Our thoughts are driven much in the same way, but of course it's a mental process instead. If you are headed to the mall or to the grocery store, you take a specified path to get there. If your mental process is telling you to start a business for instance, and if you follow those "specific" thoughts, ultimately you will be running your own office one day. If your mental process says you can't go back to school, you can't start a business or you can't succeed at something, your thoughts will drive you right there, right into those  places in your thinking that take you no place, or in the opposite direction to your success.

What am I saying? Well, in short, you are behind the wheel of your thinking. Your thoughts, choices, decisions can be guided by you. Where do you want to go? Think about that. And then, realize that you have this big, wonderful, luxury "vehicle" which is your powerful mind, that can get you there. ~ S.R.F.

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