Saturday, September 10, 2022

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

Life certainly has its abundance of challenges, uncertainties, shifts and change, and unsettling situations. It seems to be a constant and ongoing process of working our way through things for most of us. Very often, we find ourselves in such complicated predicaments that we don't have a clue how to get through them.

I'm not the guru of problem-solving, but I have learned a few major things from the difficulties I've faced, both big and small. Getting over the lumps, humps and bumps ain't always easy. I've learned that you have to put your "game face" on and your stormy-weather coat and boots if you intend to survive some of the things life throws your way. It can be a real fight getting to the other side of those difficulties, but I have found that you can. Here are some things to consider:

1. Keep fighting. As hard as it can feel, keep fighting. You will get weary and tired during the course of some of your problem-solving journeys, but don't stop until you get done what you need to get done. It will feel twice as hard if and when you have to go back and pick up the pieces where they dropped off. Keep fighting and keep figting and keep fighting. It's the only way to assure yourself of a resolution.

2. Keep managing. Stay on top of things as best you can. It's very often critical that you don't lose sight of the things and people who can be instrumental in the process. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed with the problem and feel stuck or paralyzed by it. Recognize at those points that you must keep managing what you can, even if it's only a little bit by bit.

3. Keep believing. Frustration in the midst of problems can diminish and destroy our faith. If we see no end, we want to give up. If we tell ourselves there is no solution or way, we quit. If we feel the odds are against us, we throw in the towel. 

Even when a solution is not clear or evident, even when we have no idea what to do, we have to remember that faith will always take us to an answer. The answer is not always the one that we hoped for, prayed for or imagined, but there is an answer that can prove to be satisfactory and comforting, an answer that provides completion and resolve. And that answer, is exactly the right answer, the one we need most.

With all being said so far, keep going. Keep maneuvering. Keep pressing forward. You will make it through every challenge somehow, and some way, if you do. ~ S.R.F.

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