Wednesday, March 15, 2023


 It is truly amazing how quickly things can change in a moment, in a day, in life, isn't it? You can feel secure and safe, and then something happens that take you by surprise, catches you offguard, or snatches the rug right from under you. Wholly molly!

Is there a strategy for handling the shifts and the shocks of it all? Well, of course there is.

1. Some changes shake you to the core. If that happened, spend the time you need to wrap your head around it. You may be able to do that in the moment, and maybe not. Some stuff requires time to get a mental and emotional grip on yourself, until you can think straight enough to deal with what is going on. It is often a step-by-step endeavor to do so, so try to remain calm while you collect your thoughts.

2. Quick thinking may be required in some circumstances. If the solution you come up with seems right and applicable for the situation, work with it. The important thing to remember when quick thinking is needed, is to not avoid doing something as a remedy. Things can tend to grow worse if we don't think on our feet and address the issues expeditiously.

3. It may be hard to keep a cool head, composure and not over-react with worry or wrong moves. It does make a difference when we can stay calm and focused, even if the change is riveting. Do the best you can to pull on your inner resources to handle the upset with patience, wisdom and resolve.

The truth is that we can get through our rough patches without losing our minds and our hope. Change is going to happen, and often swiftly. Be ready for it. Be ready to handle it. ~ S.R.F.

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