Saturday, May 6, 2023


There is definitely a "climate" change occurring, and I don't mean with the weather patterns and conditions. Life has seemingly changed. People have seemingly changed. Things have seemingly changed. And, if you are truly paying atttention, you may be scratching your head in dismay, confusion and disappointment. True?

If doing life wasn't already challenging enough, that pandemic stuff really threw us for a loop. People are still struggling with the impact. Some are still having mental and emotional challenges trying to get back to a reality that we defined as "normal," whatever that was for them and for us. It's left many living lives filled with fear and anxiety, and others trying to grapple their way forward after such a traumatic few years. If there ever was a climate of "comfort" and stability, so many have lost it.

And, then, there's the political climate. It's shaky to say the least, and is anybody actually considering how all of that is making the American people feel? It's extremely disheartening to me to see all of the unrest among the individuals who are supposed to be thinking and planning in our best interest, WE THE PEOPLE. I keep wondering if we will ever see that happen in truth and process. All the money going toward the war could have changed the lives and circumstances of every human being in this country if it had been used as aid to do so. We desparately needed it, too. I won't pretend to understand the deeper "whys" of the war, but it is not hard to see that the devastation that has occurred is irreparable, the lives of so many will never be the same, and those who have died are forever dead. Yes, that is the real unfortunate truth. It's a dreary, dreadful climate overall, indeed.

So, what do we do? We do whatever we can to protect and balance our sanity. That's all we can do. When the winds of life rage in ways that are beyond our control, all we can do is hunker down and hold on to our heads and hearts. We have to find shelter in the belief that somehow all of this tumultuous "atmospheric" activity will reach a place in time that we can reference as "the calm after the storm." I'm hopeful like many of you, and praying that the sun will come out tomorrow. ~ .S.R.F.

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