Sunday, March 22, 2009

Change? Say Yes To It!

Whether we like it or not, things are changing socially, economically, culturally and personally for many of us. It is an opportunity to grow in all of those areas of our lives, if we will learn to think on our feet, overcome the obstacles, roll with the punches and see our personal potential in new ways. We will need confidence and conviction if we will rise and ride out the tide. Strengthening our identities and pride are crucial if we are going to walk or run down life's pathways. Here are few encouragements to help you with the challenges, and hopefully help you build a little motivational muscle to get you to your next phase in life:

  1. Pay attention to yourself more and your needs first. Being the best for others means being your very best first and foremost.
  2. Treat yourself with respect. Be your own best friend, really. Concentrate on having self-respect, self awareness, self esteem and self worth. You are probably a pretty terrific person.
  3. Do nice things for yourself that you have been waiting for someone else to do. You should be responsible for taking care of yourself and your own happiness.
  4. Develop interests that are educational, cultural and social. Learn and grow!
  5. Choose positive role models. Watch people with positive attitudes, people who know where they are going and how to get there.
  6. Read materials that stimulate, motivate and educate. Keep an open mind. Something newly learned could change you and your circumstances almost immediately.
  7. Choose the positive over the negative. Someone once said, "things work out best when you make the best of how things work out." I live by it. Don't let everything drag you down. Get up and give your best!
  8. Be concerned in a healthy-minded way, of how others perceive you. If your speech, behavior and image is presented in a positive way, you'll have influence, and will influence others to do better,too.
  9. Always look your best. It always gives a positive impression. People think you're smarter and have good self esteem when you look good, so be smart enough to use this to your advantage.
  10. Learn to look at life as opportunistic. I know the problems seem endless, but so are the opportunities. Opportunities lead to growth, and growth leads to advancement.

    FOXOLOGY: Change begins with you, or it can end with you. Say yes to it. Personal and professional progress comes one step at a time. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Decide to go all the way and dare to see what is on life's wonderful pathway for you!


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