Monday, March 23, 2009


For the last five years, I have had the awesome opportunity to star on the radio with my good friend, Cassandra McShepard, discussing the relevant topics and issues that can impact our lives, thinking, behaviour and actions , both positively and negatively. As a talk-team duet, Cassandra McShepard and I hit the airways with a passion for sharing ideas and inspiration, and offering tools and resources that people can learn from. We would always encourage listener involvement, and bring talk designed to educate, enlighten, empower, along with helpful methods and strategic thinking for better daily living.

Initially, in May 2004, we started out at 1290 WMCS as fill-ins for the regular hosts, and later became hosts of our own show! When I left the daily grind, Cassandra took the reins as premier host. I continued on with her as a special guest on a very regular basis, eventually doing a segment with her that she labeled "Next Level Mondays". Every week we've enjoyed discussing issues and topics of all sorts that challenge, change and grow the attitudes of anyone ready to go to the next level! It has been a successful endeavor to say the least! To say the most, it has been rich with knowledge of the things that life has taught us so far! Our audiences have always expressed much love and appreciation to us, and it has been our privilege to share our lives in such a special way.

My current goals are to stretch even higher, and secure an awesome opportunity to take all the fun I've had being on the show into more hearts, homes and workplaces via internet, radio and television. I'm ready to take it to the next level! I will keep you posted!


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