Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your Self Esteem

Don't Let Your Confidence Be Shaken!

Are you striving to be your own person? Do you believe that you would feel better about yourself "if only" you had more money and material possessions, a different job, a better place to live, a new car, etc., etc., etc.?

That's all good, however, the problem with that kind of confidence is that life can take some sudden and sharp turns that will cause you to examine the truth about how confident you really are. Take it all away, and in all too many cases, the confidence goes with it.

It is then that you find yourself shaking with the shaky changes, lacking stability, and facing the realization that you weren't holding your own after all. Tangibles can come, and they can go. We can end up in real trouble when we have placed too much confidence in them. It all boils down to your own individual thinking about yourself, as well as what you think about "things."

What, then, does it mean to be your own person, to have the "right" kind of confidence in yourself? Confidence comes with commitment to yourself, commitment to your personal growth and goals, and broadening your horizons.

When you have a firm commitment within yourself to yourself, it's less disturbing when changes in circumstances seem to test your strength and confidence. It's not nearly so unsettling when you trip over your own two feet.

It won't be so shocking when you discover that real confidence is not based in the best financial or professional positioning, but, instead, in being fully committed to getting up, stepping up, and standing up even in the worst of times.

You'll know that you've arrived when you've learned to meet changes and challenges face to face. You'll know that you're your own person when you're able to handle whatever comes your way with commitment to winning the battle. Confidence increases with every personal victory.

I love things, too. Things are wonderful. They are terrific reminders that we have worked hard to acquire them. Just keep in mind that real confidence is the "thing" in life that holds us up, and helps us to hold it down when things are shaky. Wouldn't you agree that in itself is what's really worth striving for?


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