Thursday, April 30, 2009

IN YOUR BUSINESS Solving Your Workplace Worries

Zip it!

What can be done about co-workers who are constantly talking too much and too loud, disturbing other employees who are trying to get work done?

R., Communications Specialist

Dear R.:

That situation can be a sticky one, for sure. You don't want to jeopardize your relationships and camaraderie with those you work with by telling them their constant talking is hindering your ability to concentrate on your tasks. However, you can't allow their lack of concern for others, to jeopardize your performance either.

If it's really serious, I'd give a heads-up to the manager. If it isn't easy to go unrecognized in the matter, create an anonymous note. He or she can address the problem in a short meeting, an email, or during an employee performance evaluation. Employees tend to view feedback and discipline more seriously if it's documented in their evaluations. Believe me, that will zip it in the bud!


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