Friday, July 3, 2009

FOXOLOGY: It's "But" Kickin' Time!

You Need Your "BUT" Kicked!

If you've been dragging your "but" for a while, chances are you may be feeling a little uncomfortable. Let's say it together: OUCH!

You daydream. You imagine. You yearn. You long for a certain something, "BUT" you think it's impossible. You think it's too late. You think it's too difficult. You think it's too big. If you feel this way, your "but" is hurting! Your "but" is hurting your progress, your "but" is hurting your chances of success.

Perhaps, it's hurting any chance of you making a decision to look at the possibilities of bringing your dream to fruition. Or, getting in the way of you realizing their is still enough time to do the special things you've put off. Your "but" may be blocking the understanding that you can overcome the difficulty of the climb to success. Your "but" may be in the way of you achieving something, perhaps, extraordinarily big.

Your excuses, however real they may appear, will continue to cause you to procrastinate. Unfortunately, too many people end up taking their desires to be more and do more with them to their graves, never having pursued them. That doesn't have to be you. That big ol' "but" needs to be kicked out of the way!

Here's a few ideas to consider:

Look at life as opportunistic. Chances are that whatever it is you are wanting to do, it really is possible. Someone once said, "there are no more impossible dreams." Whatever it is, you can do it!

Look at life with optimism. Optimism is choosing to take a positive point of view. If your"but" is blocking that point of view, your "but" is too big. Move your big "but" and get a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, then go after it.

Have a "YES I CAN" attitude! Overcoming obstacles is a part of achieving most successes. Don't let them distract, discourage, disappoint you to the point of giving up. They really help to build up your motivational muscle. Keep moving!

Make a commitment to take action. We must make a commitment to ourselves to plan, pursue and follow through until we reach our goals. Remember, no one can see them through but you. Absence of commitment can create patterns of drifting, while committment will multiply your chances of accomplishment.

Have faith in yourself. It is not unusual to have feelings of apprehension, and to be somewhat unsure of yourself. However, you must move confidently, ready to conquer every little whisper of fear or hesitation.

Do not give yourself permission to quit. Quitting is not allowed unless under unusual or catastrophic circumstances. Otherwise, even when things are weighing you down, you're feeling the pressure, the climb up the ladder is getting tougher and tougher, take a breathe-er, however, don't quit.

Taste the success. If you can see yourself skinnier, wealthier, more educated, in a better career or position, achieving more, making a difference or making a name for yourself, hold to that vision. Think about it. Meditate on it. Talk about it. See it, and what it will mean in your future. Make it real in your mind. Our thoughts are the keys to our destiny. See and taste the success in your thinking!

After all, is there any real reason that you can't do what you dream of?  No more excuses, Okay? NO MORE "BUT"S!


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