Friday, July 3, 2009

IN YOUR BUSINESS Solving Workplace Worries

Much Ado About Nothing

I work next to someone who seems to be doing much of nothing during the day. She talks on the phone a lot and is away from her desk for long periods of time. It bothers me because I have so much to do, and I am always under pressure to get it done. Honestly, I resent it, and that makes things even worse. What should I do?

L.R., Claims Adjuster
Kansas City, Kansas

Dear L.R.:

You could try asking for help with your workload. Maybe start with a light task to test her response. You may find that she is very willing to assist you. She may be as bored as you are resentful.
Since you work so closely together, I am assuming that you work on related tasks. Soliciting help when needed is a part of working together as a team. Ask politely "If you have time, can I get you to help me with this?" Hopefully, her answer will be "Yes."

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