Monday, October 5, 2009


A Plight To The Finish: The School of Hard Knocks

Chances are you've heard of The School of Hard Knocks. It's that place of education that you're thrown into against your will, and allowed to graduate from regardless of your grade point average.

The "SOHK" University, the school where you learn about life the hard way. It's that place where mistakes offer Master's degrees, and difficulties will earn you a Doctorate.

Yes, dealing with life can be down right exasperating at times, intense, a real battle. Seems like the harder you try, the harder it gets? Seems like each time you start trucking down your path to success, you get completely lost? Seems like you try to do good, but bad things always happen? You keep getting tripped up, ripped up, turned around, flattened out? You feel like that last difficulty was the final blow? Yeah? You're in The School of Hard Knocks.

Before you go to the after school pity party, take caution. That's the wrong sorority to join. You can start to feel sorry for the person you look at in the mirror each day, or start to take really good notes about yourself. You can sing sad songs and harmonize with the difficulties of life, or analyze where the problems strike a chord and learn from it. You can feel kicked and knocked around, or teach yourself to administer healing and remedies to your wounds, and your situations.The SOHK University is continuously giving you the opportunity to learn and grow, pass or fail.

Study is crucial, so study hard. Learn from your mistakes. Listen to your "instructors". Every situation teaches us something. Pay attention. Don't miss the obvious information that is right in front of you guiding you and giving you insight.

Don't be discouraged. Actually, you're in school with the most elite. The SOHK University's enrollment is full, and the cost is high. We pay a premium price for the wisdom we get at this school. Most often it's from our bank of blood, sweat and tears. However, if you can still get up and walk across the stage of life, then you made it. Stand, and hold your head up high.You may have to wait in line a very long time, but life is handing out degrees in TKO's and there's one with your name on it.


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