Sunday, October 4, 2009



At this time of year when the weather is getting dry and cold, our skin tends to be rougher, dryer and flaky. Skin may feel "papery" and tight from lack of moisture, the most obvious signs seen on our hands, elbows and feet. However, your entire body may be craving some deeper moisturizing, too!

By nature the skin thickens in the wintertime to help protect you from the cold, and roughness and dryness follow as a matter of course. The perfect solution is a luxurious bath to aid in softening, smoothing and soothing that irritated skin. Taking the time to soak away the problem of dryness with a prepared bath loosens, relaxes and restores elasticity and moisture.

For the preparation, you will need a bath water product that is specifically developed for moisturizing, (rather than ordinary bubble bath, which is usually just liquid soap). Milk bath solutions are excellent, products that contain lanolin, mineral oils, emollients, aloe vera and such, offer deep body skin conditioning. The results: a smooth, silky feel to your body.

For extraordinary benefits, use a body scrub two or three times a week. Or, using a loofa sponge can give you fast, amazing results after only one use. Natural loofa products, those from the ocean plant, are very effective for removing dry surface skin. Soak in your favorite bath preparation for about ten minutes, then use your loofa sponge, gently massaging dry areas, such as feet knees, elbows and hands. Be sure to allow the sponge to soak prior to use as well to prevent any abrasions to the skin. Your skin will be soft and glowing!

Follow your luxury bath time with body cream or oil in your favorite scent. You need not be itchy or irritable from dry skin when relief is only a comforting bath away. Candles and company are optional.


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