Monday, November 2, 2009


Where's My Key?

Are you trying to discover the key to well-being and happiness, wondering where to look, where is it hiding, and how do you get to it?

It is interesting when we take a long look at ourselves and analyze what we consider our faults and shortcomings. We will very often want to shift the blame to others if we are not feeling happy and satisfied. We can feel trapped in draining responsibilities, in poor relationships, in physical, mental and emotional demands. Depending on who you are, the list may vary or go on and on.

It can take a great effort on our part to take realistic stock of where we are, how we got there and what to do about it. No one may be to blame for the circumstances. Life happens, and here we are. Nonetheless, it is our responsibility to reconstruct our thinking and situations if we are not happy. If it's only one or two things, such as a career not working out for you, or an overload of activity, it's reasonably simple to begin looking at new career choices that could bring you greater personal satisfaction and success.

In other cases, however, when you may be overall displeased with the way things are, and possibly yourself, your processing of the status quo may involve lengthy contemplation, insight, careful planning and maneuvering. You may have to struggle through years of issues, problems and fears that have kept you where you are. Here are some considerations that may help:

1. Consider a complete change in lifestyle. That may mean something as wonderful as moving to another city, or something as challenging as eliminating all of the negative people and influences in your life PERMANENTLY.

2. Decide to think differently. Make a determined effort to see the glass half full, the silver lining, the brighter side of things.

3. Get some advice from people who are high on life. Ask them questions, watch them, follow their lead. They will encourage you, too.

4. Take the high road. Getting where you want to go isn't through back alleys and side streets. It's a waste of time trying to shortcut the process.

5. Make good decisions. Think things through. Deliberate. Question. Think futuristically. Think results.

6. Remember your purpose. Your intention is to thrive, not just survive. You'll serve yourself well to THINK BIG and believe it.

There are many keys to happiness and well-being, not just one. There are many doors that can open up and offer us so many satisfying possibilities. As far as your mind can stretch, the plethora of things that can bring you joy abound. You can cut and carve your key according to your best imaginings. What's that I hear? Opportunity, success and happiness knocking? Can YOU hear it? O.K., unlock the door!


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